The Protector season 4 trailer is out with some promising scenes for the fans.

The Protector season 4: the trailer is out with some promising scenes for the fans.

The Protector is an English drama series since the year 2018. The show has got three seasons in their name and the fourth one is also on the way to hit the streaming giant Netflix very soon. 

The show has been well received by the audience and more than 92 percent of the viewers have liked the show.


Well, apart from all this there is big news for The Protector fans. The series is set to be out soon.

The fourth season of the show is all set to release in July. Streaming giant Netflix has revealed their official trailer of the series’ fourth season.

The Releasing Date for the fourth season:

Now according to the official twitter handle of the show revealed that there is a new date for the release of the upcoming season.

The makers had tweeted the new season and also stated that the fourth season of the show will be out on July 9, 2020.

The Protector Season 4

About the trailer of the show;

Streaming service Netflix had come up with the trailer for the new season. The trailer had been released on its official Youtube channel. 

The trailer had showcased some of the main characters of the show dealing with a new set of problems in Istanbul.

The Overview;

The series revolves around the life of a shopkeeper in Istanbul named Hakan Demir. His adoptive father Nasir was killed and then later Hakan got to know about some secret order. It was his duty to protect his city.

Hakan took forward his legacy of protecting his family. It is his responsibility to kill the immortal and protect the city from massive destruction.

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