When Will We See The Powers Season 3?

The Powers Season 3

Get The Latest Update On The Release Date, Plot and Cast.

Everyone is a fan of Marvel. The recent series of Marvel like What If, Loki, The Falcon, and the Winter Soldier, and Wandavision, are doing very well. Fans are eagerly waiting for many more to come.

Among them is a series named Powers that has an astonishing fan following. Superheroes are increasing day by day in the marvel comics.

Brian Michael Bendis and Charlie Huston are the developers of the superhero drama series that got released on 10th March 2015 on PlayStation Network.

David Slade, David Engel, Lawrence Mattis, David Alpert, and many others are the executive producers of the American show.

Powers has completed its two seasons successfully, with a total of 20 episodes. Now, people are waiting for the third season of the show.

Here is everything you need to know about it.

The Powers Season 3

What Is The Plotline of The Show Powers?

The story of the film revolves around the world where humans and the superheroes, known as Powers, live together. Christian Walker, who was a powerful Power, is working as a homicide detective as his abilities have been taken by the antagonist Wolfe. Christian and his partner, Deena, are employed in the Powers Divison in the Police Department of Los Angeles. They help them by investigating the crimes where superhumans are involved.

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The series involves many heroes and villains that need to be discovered. The description of the other characters is mentioned in the Cast section. The second season of the show has left with many cliffhangers, due to which fans are very excited for a third season. The series deserves a second chance.

The Release Date: When Will The Third Season of The Series Powers Come To Existence?

Talking about the third season of the series, The PlayStation Network has cancelled the Powers Series after its second season. For now, we will not get the Powers Season 3. However, Brian Michael Bendis, the co-creator of the show, has given a hint for its renewal. They are offering the series to other networks.

Marvel has also told us that the comic books related to the series will continue to publish for a longer time. This news assures that the fans will not get a chance to cut off from their favourite characters.

The Powers Season 3

What Are The Names of The Characters Involved In The Series Powers?

The name of the famous and powerful Powers involved in the series are mentioned below.

  1. Christian Walker, played by Sharlto Copley, is a detective in the Powers Division. Previously, he was known as Diamond, as he was once an indestructible and powerful superhero. He also possessed the ability to fly. However, his powers were taken away by his previous mentor, Wolfe. He uses his experience to help the division against destruction now.
  2. Deena Pilgrim, played by Susan Heyward, is the partner of Christian in the Power Division. She is the daughter of a retired policeman who is admired by all.
  3. Johnny Royalle, played by Noah Taylor, is another student of Wolfe and Christian’s former friend. He is the owner of the Here and Gone Club, where all the young Powers collect. Teleporting is his unique power. He can teleport a person or an object with which he is in contact. He is also the discoverer of Sway, a mysterious object. It is used by the young Powers to enhance their abilities.
  4. Calista Secor, played by Olesya Rulin, is a homeless girl who becomes a friend of Christian and Royalle. She is surrounded by powers and believes that her powers will also generate someday. She wishes to use the powers against his father, who abuses and tortures her mother.
  5. Captain Emile Cross, played by Adam Godley, is the head of the Power Division. He argues with Christian and Deena and doesn’t like the Powers much.
  6. Krispin Stockley, played by Max Fowler, is the son of the dead police partner of Christian.
  7. Janis Sandusky or RetroGirl, played by Michelle Forbes, is a famous power that once dates Christian. They lost contact after Christian lost his powers. She possesses the powers of invulnerability, flight, and superhuman strength.
  8. Big Bad Wolfe, played by Eddie Izzard, is the most powerful and threatening power. He can take the life force of humans as well as Powers and becomes stronger and stronger. He can gain the powers of extreme speed, strength, and regeneration during the process. He was responsible for draining the powers of Christian.
  9. Patrick or SuperShock, played by Michael Madsen, was a part of the Unity team with RetroGirl and Cobalt Knight. He returns from a 40-year retirement after the death of RetroGirl.

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What Are The Ratings of The Series Powers?

The first season of the Powers has received a mixed review from critics. The audience score of the series is 87%, based on 47 user ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

Powers has a rating of 6.7 out of 10 on IMDb.

The critics mentioned that the spark was missing between the characters. However, the world that they created for Powers was amazing.

Where Can We Watch The Second Season of The Series Powers?

You will find many websites while searching for this question. Some of them are mentioned here.

You can stream the show on Amazon Prime after subscribing or buying/renting the episodes.

You can buy the seasons for watching it on Vudu.

You can buy it from Google Play and iTunes.


After the cliffhanger of the second season, people are eagerly waiting for the third season. We don’t have any information regarding the renewal of the series. Until its announcement, keep watching Powers!


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