The Politician Season 2 – Release Date, Cast and The Plot explained!

The Politician Season 2 Updates: The Politician is one of the most famous Netflix Original Series. It is one of the best shows in 2019. Ryan Murphy’s The Politician Season 1 was out on Netflix in 2019. It gained massive popularity that the sequel is yet around the corner.


The Politician Season 2 Release Date

Ryan Murphy believes that viewers have to wait for a year for the sequel. He wanted to break this ritual. So, he is getting the sequel out now and luckily it was shot before the pandemic Coronavirus.
The release date of “The Politician Season 2” is 19 June 2020. It will be released on Netflix.

Moving on to the cast of the series. The cast will include Senator Standish played by Judith Light and Bette Midler. Also, they both will be political rivals to Payton Hobart (Ben Platt) It is certain for Zoey Deutch to return on a few parts of the show. On the contrary, it is not confirmed that Gwyneth Paltrow as Georgina Hobart and Jessica Lange will return.

The Politician Season 2 Plot


Talking about The Plot of The Politician. Standish will become the political rival to Payton for the position of Senate. Standish has been a part of a three-way marriage and Alice could use it for a scandal. Alice is the manager of campaigns for Payton. Moreover, Alice got the intel from Astrid. What they don’t know is Standish can fight dirty.

Judith Light in an interview threw few hints. She claimed Women’s sexuality will be covered in the show. Also, the show is going to be exciting and full of twists and turns.
Some scandals and dirty tricks to win the election could be expected. What lies in the box of Season 2? Find out in the sequel.

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