The Paper House Money Heist Season 4 on Netflix Release Date, Spoiler Cast, And Much more


Here’s all you need to know about La Casa De Papel Season 4 :

La Casa De Papel also is known as Money Heist is a Spanish television heist crime drama series created by Alex Pina. This popular series depicts the story of a criminal mastermind who goes by that name of ” The Professor”, had planned the biggest robbery in recorded history. 

He planned to print billions of Euros in the Royal Mint of Spain. Every mastermind needs a team of people who be can trust and carry out his plan. 


Thus to carry out his master plan he highers eight people from different walks of life, each with a special ability of their own. Ever since the first season premiered on 2nd May 2017, the show became a massive success!

Earlier this month Netflix confirmed the arrival of season 4 of our favorite series and fans can no longer keep their calm! Moreover, in a new teaser trailer, there were hints as to what we might expect from the fourth season. The trailer opens with the words ” prepare for chaos ” flashing on the screen. 

It also hints that our sassy girl, Nairobi will be back. In a recent interview, De La Serna confirmed that the filming for season four had already begun while other stars posted pictures of their characters.

As we already know that the Professor himself broke the first rule and established a personal relationship with Lisbon. Thus in season four, we might see how far the Professor is willing to go to save Lisbon. 

This season might depict what happens after the lives of the soldiers have been rocked, especially after Nairobi was shot, Rio broke up with Tokyo and how the plan seemed to fall apart.

The cast of La Casa De Papel season 4:

The cast stars Alvaro Morte as Salva Martin / The Professor, Ursula Corbero as Tokyo, Jamie Lorente Lopez as Denver , Alba Flores as Nairobi , Darko Peric as Hensinki , Pedro Alonso as Berlin , Miguel Herran as Rio, Itziar Ituno as Raquel Murillo , Mario de la Rosa as Suarez , and Najwa Nimri as Alicia Sierra.

The Release date of La Casa De Papel Season 4:

Fans …it’s about time! La Casa De Papel has confirmed it’s 4th season. The series will premiere it’s the fourth season on 3rd April 2020.