The Order Season 3 Will it be Renewed or Cancelled?

The Order season 3

The Order is an original series of Netflix. The series till now consists of two seasons and the second one has been recently published. 

The fans who have completed Season 2 are wondering whether The Order will be renewed or will be cancelled. 


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The Order Season 2:

The Order Season 2 was released on 18 June 2020 on the streaming platform of Netflix. It consists of 10 episodes in total and is full of action. 

The ending of season 2 indicates that there will be a Season 3. Season 2 ending had a lot of cliffhangers. 

Many questions were left unanswered in the ending. Although, the fans are worrying because recently Netflix has canceled many shows and they are afraid that The Order is going to be another one.

The Order Season 3: Renewed or Canceled?

The Order season 3

It is quite early to answer the question but the situation could be read. Netflix has recently canceled many shows and also Netflix wasn’t very excited about the release of Season 2.

This could be seen as Netflix didn’t give an enthusiastic official announcement to the series. This serves in the negative for the show.

On the contrary, the ending of Season 2 depicts that there will be a Season 3. The end has a lot of cliffhangers indicating the show to be renewed for another season.

This fact is in the favor of the series. Also, Season 2 has recently released so Netflix is busy judging the ratings and reviews of the show. They would do this for a month and then only decide whether the show will have its re-entry or exit.

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