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The Old Guard Part 2 Can Be Better By Answering Mythology Questions




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The Old Guard Part 2 needs to do a better job explaining the mythology and immortal world of Charlize Theron’s new potential Netflix franchise. This should need to be better to explain in the mythology and world the first film set up.

Not only is The Old Guard proven to attract its fans and viewers, but this Netflix blockbuster also received many positive reviews from the critics and audience alike. With actors like Theorn in the lead, most of us were pleased to see The Old Guard deliver the same exciting action scenes she has become known for.

The Old Guard Part 2 Can Be Better By Answering Mythology Questions

Meanwhile, Gina Prince-Bythewood’s direction led to the solid characters and relationships, making the immortal mercenary group easy to like. The main strengths of The Old Guard are many, but then it does falter when it all comes to the mythology, making this an obvious element that can be improved with The Old Guard 2.

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In setting up the whole world of The Old Guard, the movie quickly gets the viewers accustomed to the idea of immortals and their main mission to protect humanity, but the background for these kinds of ideas are not adequately explained.

It all works just fine for the first film as it all puts the attention on the characters and story at hand, but on the other hand, it also leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Not that the audiences know who Andy, the Nile, and the rest of the group are, The Old Guard 2 will be able to go much deeper into the past.

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There was a lack of details in the first part of the mythology and the world of The Old Guard could be more purposeful, though. The ending or the climax of the movie clearly sets what The Old Guard’s part 2 story will be about, and the main mythology of this universe will now have to come into the play.

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