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The Old Guard 2 Will be delayed due to Charlieze theron




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There are chances that The Old Guard will get a sequel because of the viewership. It is one of the movies in the top 10 list of Netflix. 

Many people are watching it from all over the world. But the filming and other work of the movie will not be started due to the star Charlie Theron. 

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Netflix hasn’t confirmed the sequel but it will be confirmed very soon. The script and story of the film is also not a problem. The creator of the movie said that it is not a difficult task. The main reason behind the delay is the schedule of Charlie Theron.  

Charlie Theron a popular star

You know this thing that Charlie Theron is a famous Hollywood star. She is always busy with many projects. And now also she is busy with some other films. After completion of all those films, she will be back with the crew of the Old Guard. 

The Old Guard 2

You know this movie becomes very famous in a short time, so she will be back. There is one more thing that Charlie Theron avoids doing in many movies with the same production. 

She is still doing the Atomic Blonde sequel but the production has not started because of Theron. The thing is that after doing this action movie The Old Guard, many producers and directors will be calling her as she has played the character in the movie very beautifully.

Everyone has loved her character. In the first week of the release of Old Guard Netflix has confirmed that it was streamed on 72 million households. This is a huge number. 

So, it is obvious that there will be a sequel to the movie, and the main character Andy will be played by Theron. Let’s see when Netflix will announce the sequel and when Theron will be free from other movies. 

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