The OA Season 3 Renewal Status: The Release Date and Plot with Storyline

The OA is a mystery drama web series. The series is one of the most-watched and loved series on Netflix. It is a drama series. The creators of the show are Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij.

The OA Season 3 Release Date

OA Season 3


The OA’s first season aired on Netflix in December 2016 with eight episodes. It gained a strong fanbase and was among one of the most rated shows on Netflix. The second season of the series was released in March 2019.

It ended at such a cliffhanger which denotes that a season 3 would come. But the creator has put all the anticipation down by stating that there would be no season three as for now.

Maybe, in the upcoming years, we could expect a season 3 from the creators, but currently, Netflix has not commented anything about the particular topic.

The Storyline of Season 3

The OA Season 3
The story of The OA Season 3 revolves around a girl whose disappearance is a mystery. Later on, after seven years she reappears, or we can say comes back.

But from now onward the story starts taking twists and turns, as the girl who was once blind is no more blind after coming back.

She’s completely able to see now. As the story moving forward she keeps her mouth shut on what has happened to her within those past seven years. Ever since she came back, she calls herself as OA.

The Plot

OA Season 3

One main reason for The OA Season 3 not being renewed is the sudden outbreak of the pandemic. The current situation of the world is not in the favor of producing any series or content right now.

Due to the current lockdown situation the renewal of any series by Netflix will be at risk. We could only hope to get it renewed in some years when the world would be normal again.

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