The New Deadpool 3 Fan Poster Teases An Avengers: Endgame Crossover

Deadpool 3

Fox, Disney, buyout some of you know the sticks by now. Many of the superheroes who before could not meet the onscreen for some clear reasons are now set to do so.

Few of them have eyes on them than Deadpool. How exactly Mickey Mouse & Co. Integrate their wall-breaking vulgarity into the MCU remains to be seen, but that thing has not stopped Marvel fans from imagining Walter’s Deadpool 3 from themselves.


Today there was a piece of art that came from an Instagram user named @erathim20 and pops DP right into the middle of Avengers: Endgame’s climactic battle.

The picture is very much available in the gallery of the user and it also shows what Ryan Reynolds might have looked like in what @erathim describes as Deadpool; Far From Fox.

There is also something to note that Huge Jackman is launching himself at Reynolds from the rear, some of the fans can understand why. That and the conspicuously placed Green Lantern in the background of the picture. You should be thinking of it, it would be down for a Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.

Anyways, the fans can drop a comment on the post as well of how they liked it or not would there be anything else or not. They can give their thoughts, questions or flights of fantasies the fans know the drill by now.

For instance, what would happen if the movie character Deadpool possessed the Infinity Gauntlet? We do not know anything about it yet.

We have already seen what he would do he could time-travel the Deadpool 2 post-credits scene gave the fans an insight.

They are still on that think are there any Gauntlet power which would suit Deadpool’s needs? Avengers: Endgame only saw a smidgen of them and used and we are betting that the comics had loads.