The New Wasteland 3 Release Date For Consoles And PC Has Been Revealed


Wasteland 3 is a game that has been awaited by fans and, finally, they get what they deserve, the third installment of their beloved series. The release date of the game has also been revealed to us, which is 19 May 2020.

Brian Fargo, head of developers’ InXile Entertainment, announced the appointment at Microsoft’s X019 presentation in London on Thursday. The gameplay trailer was awful, and I am eager to play it too.

In the new wasteland three trailers, it is showing us new gameplay in an 80-inspired post-apocalyptic world. Also, we got a glimpse at the original story of the role-playing game, which takes the game to “Colorado’s Frozen Garbage” ahead of Arizona and Los Angeles.

Furthermore, according to inXile, it is the most massive wasteland game in the franchise, with the wasteland being three times larger than 2.

The barren land is a snowy world with a society built on violence. The trailer showed us the “strategic combat” mechanics in the game, and we also got to see a giant scorpion robot-like thing in the container.

The studio first started crowdfunding for Wasteland 3, and they aimed for a $ 2.75 million fig crowdfunding goal. Instead, they reached the end of $ 3.1 million. Later, he was acquired by Microsoft years which was a reasonably good move by him.

I was a little surprised that Microsoft would end its big show with Wasteland 3, which is not a typical Xbox game, but the trailer looks great and putting it above it as a big vote of confidence Must see from Microsoft. Westland 3 is now available for pre-purchase on Steam.


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