The New Legends Of Monkey Season 2 Netflix Release Date and Other Detail


Season 2 of The New Legends Of Monkey might be returning to Netflix in August 2020 with extra episodes. The New Legends of Monkey arrives on Netflix globally on August seventh, 2020.

The series is a fantastical journey that is partially inspired by the Japanese series Monkey that itself is based totally on the Chinese novel Journey to the West.


The first season came into Netflix without any reception on the 27th of April 2018. The gradual reception and recognition started to build up. The 10 episodes long season was acknowledged and is expected to be of the same length in Season 2.

TVNZ, ABC, and Netflix have announced for the 2nd season. Which started its production in September 2019.

The New Legends Of Monkey Coming On Netflix in Other Regions?


Netflix could be getting Season 2 of the show on August 7th, 2020. This consists of the UK, America, and Canada. To see if it’s available in your region, check the website on Netflix.

Season 2 is supposed to be on Netflix in either Australia or New Zealand, at least in August. Season 1 arrived on Netflix in AU and NZ in January 2019 which changed into more or less nine months after America was given it.

Also, if we’re to anticipate Netflix AU and NZ will get the series in a similar way for Season 2, As of now, our prediction is for all the regions to get the availability, the dates would be between April and June 2021.

So, beyond the release timing, there are no further major updates on The New Legends of Monkey Season 2. No trailer or season 2 synopsis has been given out. Hopefully, we’ll get announcements from the authorities in the coming few months. But it is for sure that every other project is hampered by the pandemic situation. Regardless of that, Season 2 is going to be bigger and brighter and it will come to you soon.