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The New Leaked Apple’s iPhone 12 Camera Could Bring Huge Upgrade To The Portrait Mode

The iPhone fans’ may come with some new and improved Portrait mode as well as augmented reality features, a very big thanks to the new piece of camera tech that Apple is rumored to be in the developing process.

Fast Company has received some confirmation from their close source to the development of the iPhone 12 range which says at least one model will be having a 3D depth camera on the rear.

This seems to be very similar to tech we have seen on the Android devices previously, but this is the first time we will have seen it on the rear of an iPhone.

The report also says that it will be a combination of a laser-emitter, a receiving sensor, and also corresponding software to create a three-dimensional depth map of the objects in front of it.

That may also allow for far better Portrait mode results as the camera can better understand the distance of their target and also improve the bokeh mode effect around them.


It is thought that this feature will be used primarily to make some improvements to the Portrait mode, but it also should be useful for augmented reality.

The TrueDepth camera that the company Apple uses on the front of the phone for Face ID is also based on a similar principle, where it also creates a 3D facial map of the user for an even more secure face unlocking system.

This is not the first time that people have heard about depth sensors on Apple devices either. Even the very next-generation iPad Pro is expected to also sport a similar feature.

While the effect can also be simulated by using regular cameras, complex augmented reality applications call for more accurate information, which the tech could be able to provide.

That is likely to mean even more of the focus on augmented reality apps from Apple as well.




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