The Navajo Tribe will soon receive a $1,400 stimulus check as part of the current stimulus package, which will be delivered shortly


To start the new year, a new batch of stimulus checks is being sent out to families of the Navajo tribe.

This comes after the Navajo council voted last month on the matter of sending up to $2,000 to eligible adults and $600 for each child. The stimulus checks would then total $5,200 for a family of two adults and two children.

The votation was held on December 29, with Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez presiding over the passing of the bill. This legislation aims to grant more than 345,000 hardship checks to fellow tribe members.

The funds are sourced from the Navajo Nation Fiscal Recovery Funds (NNFRF) which amounts to $557 million.

The good news comes after the increasing appeals for all Americans to receive their 4th stimulus check totaling $1,400. While nothing is still certain whether it will be happening this year, one of the qualifications mentioned was to have at least one child.

It was also indicated that if you were not paid the full amount of $1,400 and you were eligible last 2021, you can still apply for the remainder or the full amount this 2022. All states are set to receive a budget specifically for this initiative. However, it will be down to the local governing bodies to decide the best method in delivering the financial aid to their constituents.

All these brand-new economic measures are part of the new American Rescue Plan. These initiatives aimed to give $1,400 payments available for individuals and their dependent children.

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