The Midnight Gospel Season 2: Confirmed Or Not?


Adventure animation fans have always been blessed with the best shows, however, there are some times when they really want to explore a weirder and wilder range of the drama. This theme was well understood by Pendleton Ward and Duncanm Trussell who have recently got famous for their popular animation show The Midnight Gospel. The series was initially introduced on 20 April 2020 and the fans have had enough of the first season, they want The Midnight Gospel Season 2. 

After the animation series have shortly shut down, Pendleton ward has again started its journey for adventure animation in 2020. The Midnight Gospel was a hot topic soon after the release of the series, why would it not be? As the series was well-received by the fans and the critics have also reviewed the show with great ratings, there was nothing holding it back. 

Netflix has already been up to the Anime series lately, as the show dropped in the famous OTT platform, the success was massive and fans from all over the world have witnessed the growth of the show. 

Now with such massive fame, the viewers are expecting that the show might be renewed for another season. Will there be The Midnight Gospel Season 2? 

In this article, we’ll be discussing the possibility of another season of this adventure drama in detail. If you are someone who is interested in it then read this article till the end. 

The Midnight Gospel: Netflix Animation Show

The Midnight Gospel Season 2

The Midnight Gospel is an adult animated sitcom that premiered in 2020 on the giant OTT Platform, Netflix. If you have loved the adventure time show then this would also be one of your favorite animated shows and if you haven’t watched it, then you should add it to the list. 

The series revolves around Clancy Gilroy (Duncan Trussell), who is the specaecaster and follows the life of every person and interviews them before demises from the catastrophic event. 

But the interview sometimes can lead to his own life and he has to escape through the palace. Filled with sarcastic humor, dark comedy, and wild content, this animated series would definitely be something to watch. 

Being a dark comedy show, it sometimes takes some of the controversial topics as a joke and in the end, has to get critization because of it. The show already gained a lot of negative feedback because of this behavior. 

But this doesn’t mean that the fans didn’t love the show, with the show already being released in 2020, fans are disappointed that the showrunners have not yet renewed the show. 

The show is still hanging in the middle and the show’s admirers are wondering about the future of this series. In the next few sections, we’ll explore the animated show in detail and talk about the possibility of The Midnight Gospel season 2. 

The Midnight Gospel Season 2: Confirmed Or Not?

The Midnight Gospel Season 2 updates

The Midnight Gospel is a standout among the other animation shows of the network. As the series focuses on some of the weirder stuff that made the viewers roll out and laugh hard. 

The series officially premiered on 20 April 2020 and ended in the same year. With the episodes being broadcast on the network, fans loved what the showrunners have depicted in the series. 

As soon as the show came to an end, there were questions regarding the renewal of the series. Will Season 2 ever happen? The potential of The Midnight Gospel Season 2 was pretty high and fans knew that the creators won’t end all the things here. 

In an interview, the showrunners have talked about the possibility of Season 2. He says, 

“Obviously, there is a writhing part of me that is deeply in suspense, waiting for a decision to be made, one way or the other, and if I said that wasn’t there, everybody would know I was a horrible liar… But that being said, they let us make this crazy thing! To me, it’s just the wildest thing to imagine that any network would let me and Pendleton roll with this wild idea — and now, it’s living on Netflix forever.”

To conclude this, both Pendleton Ward and Duncanm Trussell are hoping for another season and they have already shown their interest in it, However, the officials have not yet disclosed if the series is coming to an end or if it will extend further. 

There is no official confirmation regarding The Midnight Gospel season 2 or not. 

As the Big Mouth Season 5 is already confirmed and the first episode of the series has already been announced it aired, there will be a lot of things that are needed to think about. “Love And hate” this theme would definitely be an exciting turn for the people to watch. The Big Mouth season 5 will definitely witness some of the heartbreaks as it already confirmed that Love is going to hurt you badly. Know about the Series in detail.

The Midnight Gospel Season 2: When is it going to happen?

The Midnight Gospel Season 2 news

For Netflix, it is pretty obvious to get any popular series renewed within months. A popular show on Netflix like Sex education, kissing Booth, and Never have I Ever get easily renewed soon after the release of the respective season. 

Talking about this adventure animation, it was obvious for Netflix to renew it. Fans were confirmed that the OTT Platform would renew the series in 2021 and it will premiere on the same release date. 

However, it’s been over a year since the show was officially out. There is nothing official to talk about. The show, which was earlier going to premiere in 2021 is nowhere near. 

Some reports even said that The Midnight Gospel Season 2 had to drop because of the ongoing covid-19 situation. As Netflix has nearly shut down all the production of the series, The Midnight Gospel Season 2 might be one of them. 

On the other side, both the creators have revealed their interest to work slinging Netflix in the renewal status of the series. The Midnight Gospel Season 2 might happen as the showrunners are hoping for it too. 

In an interview with Deadline, they say “If you have any kind of magical powers, or even better, some connection to Netflix, give us a second season! Please, I want to make more. There are so many more stories to tell about The Chromatic Ribbon.”

Drama series has always been a famous genre among Television and no matter how much you watch these kinds of shows, you will never get enough of them. 

The first season ended on a cliffhanger and there was a gradual need for the viewers to look after the show. If the series has not ended on a great note, it becomes pretty obvious for the fans to see after another season. Will the creators release another chapter of  Sharp Objects?

Is there Any Official Trailer for this Animation Show?

The creators still need a lot of things to cover The Midnight Gospel show. But so far, there is no official confirmation stating the future of the series. The second installment of the animated show is still in the dark and while fans are desperately hoping to get any updates, Netflix is still far from talking regarding it. 

Creators are already prepared to work on the adult animated show but will Netflix be planning to renew it? We don’t know. Till there comes any official details regarding this show, here is the official trailer of the first season and if you are new to this series make sure to watch it.