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The Matrix 4 Leaked Video Reveals Agents Attacking Trinity And Neo

An oozed video from the movie set from “The Matrix 4” has surfaced online revealing the action sequence. Neo and Trinity ways turn, and they will be followed already repeatedly by agents inside the operation.


The franchise has previously established that the Matrix has been performed multiple times and the agents’ role in each new system is to hunt down insurgents. The upcoming film appears to follow a similar story, with Neo leading the next revolution.

The film is currently in San Francisco. A leaked video from the production set that has surfaced online is the filming of an action sequence. Many agents appear to be chasing Neo and Trinity in such a way that they must remind fans of Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) and their frequent routines.

The action sequence involves Neo and Trinity escaping the agents. A video of two heroes on the bike has surfaced online.

Reeves walked through the streets to understand how to film an action sequence. One video shows the actor walking in costume on set before filming Flax.

In the action scenes filmed on the road, the production crew illuminated several cars. A video shows some cars burning.


The plot of the film continues, but there are several theories about the story. According to Screen Rant, the film can use the storylines that were used in the games. 

According to one of these stories, Neo knew that the world would need him again in the future, and so he put a piece of his avatar into the system, which would probably help bring him back one day. The Matrix 4 will be delivered on 21 May 2021.

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