The Marksman – Is Liam Neeson retiring from Action Movies?

the marksman

Liam Neeson is back with his amazing movie which has already been in the talk around the people since the news of its release. The marksman is Liam’s latest movie which is being released on 15 January 2021. The fans are really hoping to see some new taste and drama this year. But will the movie really go up to the expectations of the people?

There is no doubt that Liam is a great actor. He has originally worked in the famous 2009’s movie Taken which was really a popular one at that time. His popularity and fame grew shortly after the success of Taken and after all these years, the fans of him are hoping to see the same Liam back again. Sadly the movie didn’t go as per the expectations of the viewers. Neither the critics were happy nor the audience was very satisfied.  

Also, the Box office didn’t make much profit out of this action-drama movie. In this article, we will be looking at the movie in detail. If you are interested in this movie then read this article till the end. 

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The Marksman – Action-Drama Movie

the marksman

An American Action thriller movie that is released in 2021. The movie was directed by Robert Lorenz and cast Liam Neeson as the main protagonist of the show. The story of the Marksman centralized a farmer and US former Marine worker (Liam Neeson) who lives in the countryside of a town.

While living in the area, he was responsible for checking the illegal work that was going around the countryside. During the process, he found a boy named Jacob who is stuck in a drug cattle farm. Now, in the story, the main hero starts to help Jacob to rescue and find a good life but the journey is not easy. 

The marksman was filmed for under $25 Million dollars and in return, the movie made only $22.3 million dollars. As the movie is only available in the cinema in the United States, many people also predicted this as the reason for the low profit. 

Currently, the movie is not available on any big online platform and the audience who lives outside the states are eagerly waiting for the movie to release for them. Also as the pandemic is currently going on in the world, people are afraid to go to the cinemas. 

The Marksman – What is it about?

the marksman

The movie starts with the US former Marine Corps and Vietnam war veteran Jim Hanson who is currently living on the border of Arizona-Mexico. He is given a task to see the illegally working and report this to the government. While doing his duty, he confronted Rosa and her little son Miguel who are run from a cartel. 

Seeing this, Jim immediately calls the cops and patrol police to report the situation but as soon as he sees the cartel, he stops the call. Saving these two mother-child pairs, he is also involved in the shoutout with the martel. The scene got quite intense but our hero is already an action lover and this isn’t much tough for him. 

The intense fight got Mauricio’s brother killed and the rosa was also seriously wounded. Before dying, she asks Jim to take care of her child and also passes the address of her home in Chicago. Jim decides to follow the last wish Rosa and takes Miguel to his home in Chicago.

During the journey, one of the Cartel members randomly showed up and claimed that he is the father of Miguel and Rosa was her dear wife.

Luckily, Hanson saw his car and immediately recognized him as a cartel member. But this didn’t stop the guy from following these two on the journey. The guy also made a fake passport to get into the country. The movie goes with these scenes and in the middle of the movie, you’ll see some great action scenes as the movie is an action movie but it doesn’t fit with today’s movie expectations. 

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Is Liam Neeson retiring from Action Movies?

the marksman movie

Liam Neeson is already a famous actor who has worked in some of the great action movies but is the spark lost? The actor is already 68 years old now and his age is not right to do more action movies. While his body is not that bad to do more action-thriller movies but still the audience is not really fond of him now as they were before. 

The actor himself said in an interview about his aging and his recent movies this year

“I’m 68 and a half. 69 this year, There’s a couple more (movies) I’m going to do this year – hopefully, COVID allowing us – there’s a couple in the pipeline and then I think that will probably be it.”

The actor also announced that his age is not appropriate to film superhero movies so he should better look for the villain character more now. As turning to old may help him to find some good character in the future maybe. 

As far now, the actor has only said that he is not planning for more action movies. But he also claimed that there are some more movies on the way. But it looks like the actor is soon going to retire from action movies as he is getting old. 

The story of the Marksmen is not that great to die for but it’s still not that bad. While we can expect a lot from Liam to do but he fails to go as per the expectations. If you are a fan of the actor then you can watch the movie for sure but well if you wanna try some action movie then this isn’t that great. 

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The Marksman – Where is the official trailer?

The movie has released its official trailer on Youtube and it got 2.5 Million views. The public was happy to see the actor come back again in the action movies. If you are someone who hasn’t seen the movie till now then I’ll be here to remove your problem. Given below is the video of the movie to help you better understand the movie 🙂

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

What are the ratings of this movie?

Does the marksman go well with the ratings? If you are wondering about the ratings of the marksman then don’t worry, we’ll find it in this section. The critics have rated this film with some of the worst ratings. Starting with the IMDb rating which is 5.6/10 only. The movie has only 36% of rotten tomatoes and Metacritic has rated the show with 44% of ratings.

Coming to the audience rating of the Marksman, the audience rating summary of the movie is only 3.9 stars. 

Final words

The movie is not that great as it seems out and the audience titled the movie as slow and steady without much entertainment. While there are other people who enjoy watching this through;y. The actor is already old for action movies and this might be the reason why the charm is not as much as it was before. The actor is ready to say goodbye to action movies and wants to focus on villain character as his age is best suited for that one more. 

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