The Last Letter From Your Lover Review: Remake Of Best-Selling Romantic Novel

the last letter from your lover

Jojo Moyes has a special way to present his novels and every time she comes with a new one, I know I have to cry hard. His popular novel was recently adapted by giant streaming channel Netflix and shows well about love. To the people who love romantic movies, this one would definitely be for you. The movie, The Last Letter From Your Lover shows about lost love and finding each other again.

After the historic adaptation of the movie happens, many people get excited to watch the film. In this section of the article, we’ll take a look at everything that happens in the latest movie The Last Letter From Your Lover. Keep reading to find out!

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The Last Letter From Your Lover: Storyline

The Last Letter From Your Lover

Written by the famous author, who wrote best-selling novels like Me Before You, The Girl You Left Behind and so on, the movie is on the waitlist of many people. The movie, just like its novel, dictates the story about two people who were connected to each other through letters. 

These two people have been living their love-letters life and their secret affair was unknown to the world. But with the difference in the circumstances, their love-letter relationship ended. But the letters were alive. 

After so many years, one finds these letters and starts to look for them. The person was a reporter in the occupation and headed to her editor and asked if they could post these in their newspaper. 

After hours of debate, his editor finally agreed to push these love letters. As the interest of the publisher started to merge more on these letters, they went to find more. The story continues and it opens up that these two couples are now in separate areas. The story then gets to flashback, in 1960 when Jennifer found herself unconscious in the hospital.

She wasn’t in her best state and her memories faded away. Laurence, her husband, decided to take her home and told her to stay as she was before. But her memories won’t support her. The Car crash accident started to take Jennifer’s memory but when she found out the old letter from B, everything slowly came to light. 

Reading the novel, one can even confuse the dual story and flashback but as you move forward in the story, you will start to love it. The movie makes the perfect representation of the book and it amazingly dictates Jojo Moyes.

How does The Last Letter From Your Lover end?

The Last Letter From Your Lover

The movie makes the watchers have patience and excitingly tell the story about the two lovers. With the love letter and 30 years old affairs through the letter, the author has tried to dictate the amazing story. 

After Netflix decided to make the movie based on the famous book, I knew it would be amazing. In the last scene, Ellie finally found Anthony O’Hare in the old library. She gave all the letters to him and Anthony was shocked for a minute. He wasn’t able to think and curiously asked about the letter and where did Ellie find all these letters that were written 40-years before. 

Here, Ellie told him that Jennifer is still thinking about Anthony and all these letters still make her heart happy. Even though many things happened and crossed paths in her life, his memory with these letters is still the same. Hearing all these things about Jennifer and her love for him makes Anthony happy.

In the final scene, Anthony and Jennifer again exchanged letters and decided to finally meet each other. On the other hand, Ellie broke his affair with the married man (finally! I was waiting for this) because she knew that he wasn’t going to leave his family for her. 

Everything comes to a happy end. The movie ends with Anthony and Jennifer finally meeting each other. Their eyes were shining and we could clearly see how happy these couples looked after meeting each other.  

 The Last Letter From Your Lover: Official trailer

The official trailer of the movie is available on youtube to watch. You can even watch the trailer here. Click this video to watch the exclusive trailer of the upcoming movie. 

Where can you watch The Last Letter From Your Lover?

The movie is available on Netflix to stream online. If you have a subscription to the popular streaming platform then you can watch the series. 

There are other popular series in the OTT platform which include, The Last Kingdom, Lucifer, Sex Education, Riverdale, and more.

What are the ratings of this movie?

The ratings of this movie are great and the audience has also been loved by many people. The Common sense media has reportedly rated the show with 4/5 ratings. Even the goodreads have rated the show with 4/5 ratings. 

The audience has actively supported the release of this movie. While the movie is yet to officially release and the world premiere is going to be held on 23 July 2021, we don’t have much in this section. You can tell about your reviews and how many ratings you would like to give this movie.

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Wrapping words

The story about the long-lost love and the feeling of finding the perfect person in your life is simply understood by The Last Letter From Your Lover. Based on the popular novel Jojo Moves, this movie will tell you everything about love. The movie is released on 23 July 2021 and we have been waiting for the audience and critics to react to it. The movie is going to be available on Netflix for the audience. Are you going to watch it? If you are then comment down below about your thoughts for this movie.

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