The last Kingdom Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot and other details

The Last Kingdom Season 4

The Last Kingdom is a British historical fiction series. It is based on a book series The Saxon Stories series, written by Bernard Cornwell. The first season of the series was premiered in 2015, the second one is 2017 and the third one in 2018.

Now the series is all set to come up with the fourth season soon. It will be a treat for the viewers. Here’s all that the fans need to know about the upcoming season.


Release Date of The Last Kingdom Season 4

Release Date of The Last Kingdom Season 4

The season 4 is all set to surface the Netflix on Sunday, April 26. The whole world is suffering from the pandemic of coronavirus and production of so many movies and series are paused. But, the last kingdom is all set to come up with a new season as the production of the show was completed in October, 2019.

Cast of The Last Kingdom Season 4

Cast of The Last Kingdom Season 4

Most of the characters are returning back in season 4. They are Alexander Dreymon, David Dawson, Emily Cox, Ian Heart, Timothy, Magnus Brunn and many more.

Possible Plot

The story of this season jumps ahead by a ten-year leap. Season 4 is based on the book The Pagan Lord. We could expect to see Uhtred’s children in the new season. Uhtred will challenge his uncle Africa who will be played by British actor Joseph Milson. It will include much more epic battles, medieval conflicts and some new faces to entertain its viewers.


Fortunately, the trailer is out for the fans. It shows epic battles with brutal footages and violence all over. Uhtred has been featured several times in the trailer. This could be the season where he reclaims his home.


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