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The Last Kingdom Season 4 Episode 7: Review WARNING!! Contains spoilers

The Last Kingdom Season 4

The Last Kingdom Season 4 Episode 7: We have the Every Detail about the Episode 7 of The Last Kingdom and other updates, you need to know about the Season.

Miracles Do Happen!


After decades of using and abusing Uhtred, son of Uhtred, will the king of Wessex finally give the man his reward? Can it be true? That will be a miracle.

For every time Uhtred has saved the royal family’s arses on the battlefield. They’ve have locked him up and called a traitor. It’s practically a family tradition. Uhtred has draw up flawless military strategies to protect Wessex from his invading kin. He saves baby Edward with a spell that cost the life of his firstborn son. He twice rescues Aethelflaed from the Danes, and in return? He’s been banished, locked up, beaten, had his lands seized and his kids stolen.

The Last Kingdom Season 4 Episode 7

Amidst of this episode, it is very much business as usual. Thanks to Aethelhelm’s interpretation of Edward’s orders, Uhtred is chained and tortured. Edward realises his mistake and makes like Saint Patrick by banishing the snake. And then things get interesting.

King Edward hasn’t exactly displayed a royal man. He spends most at shouting at his mum and fighting with his sister. This episode is a turning point. He may have been crown years ago.

But the confessional scene in Uhtred’s cell is the moment Edward truly felt like a king. It is our closest look at the man under the curls so far. He envies Uhtred, admires his fortitude and wonders at the source of his courage.


Edward’s solution to Mercia’s empty throne is that his father would never have proposed; a Pagan ruling a kingdom of England would be anathema to the Alfred we know. It’s a discerning move though.

Alfred did all he could to make Uhtred swear another oath to the crown. But our warrior chose his freedom. Edward offering Uhtred the Mercian throne may look like a reward, but it’s another form of bondage.

Edward’s offer to Uhtred is a surprise and another is Aelswith’s approval. Like the dying Aethelred, the Queen is currently repenting left, right and centre. She hasn’t even had a knock on the head to blame.

Did she thank the reviled Pagan Uhtred this episode? Miracles do happen. Perhaps she realizes that, as Eadith tells Osferth this episode, what you think of as a poison can sometimes be a cure.

Maybe a miracle or Eadith’s witch potion revives little Aelfwynn for a touching mother-daughter reunion. The result was an unusually happy episode ending. “Your brother has restored peace, the fever has departed,” says a beaming Aelswith.

All well’s then?

Not quite. Brida’s out of her pit and thirsting for blood Uhtred’s blood, to be specific. The sin of not sending her to Valhalla must be avenged. And with her new magnificently bouffant-ed Danish colleague, the she-wolf’s on her way to do some harm. Fingers crossed that this hugely entertaining show, like its characters, just keeps growing.

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