The Last Kingdom Season 4 – Ending Explained Here!

The Last Kingdom Season 4

The season 4 of The Last Kingdom landed on Netflix no later than sooner. It was released in April by Netflix with 10 episodes. The fans saw that Uhtred fights Saxon King Edward in the battle against Danes. Here’s everything that happened inĀ season 4.

The Last Kingdom Season 4 – Alert Spoilers Ahead!



We have seen Viking warlord Sigtrygger had teamed up with Brida to take over the Saxon kingdom. King Edward know that his adversary is too strong to break and hence he decides to set kingdom on fire out of rage. Later Uhtred manages to persuade him not to take such irrational decisions. Meanwhile, Edward thinks that he is totally reliable as a king or not for taking such a decision under pressure.

Later Sigtrygger has taken Uhtred’s daughter Stiorra and Edward’s two sons as hostages. And then he threatens Edward to kill his sons if he won’t discuss about handing Winchester. Now Uhtred enters the frame as a trade. He replaces Edward’s sons as hostages.

Edward makes an agreement by saying Sigtrygger can take one out of his 4 kingdoms and Uhtred’s daughter with him.

Release Date of The Last Kingdom Season 4

Fans are hoping to get a season 5 too. Brida gives birth to her child in the middle of woods in the ending scenes of season 4. Her child can bring a big twist in the upcoming season. We could expect Brida to turn as one of the biggest enemy of Uhtred in later season. We have seen Brida getting revenge on everyone who ever mistreats her.

Lady Aelswith’s poisoning scene was also a turning point. It is still not clear that she will survive or not and what impact her death will have on the kingdom.

Another thing to notice in the new season is when will Uhtred reclaim his homeland. Fans are constantly posting that they are eagerly waiting for the new season. The Last Kingdom season 4 is available to stream on Netflix.


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