K-dramas or Korean dramas have been a popular trend in recent times. this is because of its overdramatic scenes and most of it being romantic or the same of the same plot. do it is not something new on the table it never leaves it was entertained while watching the drama I never leave the words and its fans disappointed. these types of series doing recent trend Netflix, known to be had of variety a series and movies has decided to release its original dramas.

Love Alarm

Love alarm is a k drama on Netflix. it is a movie adaptation of October written by Chon Kye Young. The drama can be categorized romance drama and the plot revolves around three young people and a mobile application went the wrong scenario. The story starts about an app that makes people fall in love with others who are within 10 meters of the radius. such a scenario gives rise to a blocked angle between two childhood friends and a girl. Sanskrit is connected to your heart there is no room for an individual to lie.


The first season of franchises released on August 22nd and is currently renewed for season 2. the real question is how many episodes will be there? as season1 had 8 episodes, season 2 probably depends on how long it takes to make which probably will not be Tu long as it is speculated to be released in August 2020.

Talking about the storyline for season 2 season 1 finale leaves on a cliff hanger what are the girl has to choose between the guys the main question in the story is what will happen and who she will end up choosing and eventually end up with. another thing that the viewers want to know about is Love alarm 2.0 which will tell the user with whom they will fall in love with and predict their feelings. the main question is who is the developer of the app who eventually ruins the lives of three young people.

The viewers can only questions are answered in the second season and enjoy this season one and love it as much as a love the first one. and we can only for that this season does not disappoint the audience and does not hurt its fan base and leaves all unanswered questions with solid answers.