Everything You Need To Know About The Knick Season 3


Created by Jack Amiel and Michael Begler, The Knick is a medical period drama that revolves around Dr. John W Thackery at Knickerbocker Hospital (fictionalized)  in New York. Set in the early 20th century, The Knick was televised on Cinemax, the first season airing in 2014 and the second season in 2015.

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Is There No Season 3 For The Knick

Director Steven Soderbergh initially wanted to release six seasons for The Knick but the show failed to continue just after two seasons. After releasing 20 episodes in the first two seasons, the show has been cancelled for any further seasons. 

Why Did The Knick Season 3 Get Cancelled?

The Knick didn’t do so well for Cinemax and the switch to HBO was not planned. There was increasing pressure on HBO competing with other shows on the channel, hence they decided to cancel season 3 of The Knick. 

Soderbergh in an interview said, “I can say that I read an excellent pilot, and that HBO has it. I hope that goes forward.” He had planned exactly how season 3 of The Knick would look like but not everything went according to the plan. While mentioning the reason behind the cancellation of season 3 he said, “A couple of things, none of which were within our control.”

What Is The Knick About?

The show features Clive Owen who is a talented surgeon in the Knickerbocker Hospital, New York. It is a place where the surgeons are trying out new techniques to operate on their patients. Our main character Dr. John W. Thackery is partially based on William Stewart Halsted.

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In this bold and exciting series, he deals with this cocaine and opium addiction while discovering new methods in the medical field and maintaining a reputation among his colleagues. In an all white hospital, he strives to deal with the people as well as the racially charged city.

Is The Knick Based On True Events?

The Knick isn’t completely based on true events but it does have a few bits of real life events. They have very little in common with the real life figures. Dr. John Thackery is based on William Stewart Halsted and Dr. Algernon C. Edwards is inspired by Daniel Hale Williams. 

Also, the hospital in which the series takes place was an actual hospital located in Harlem in New York City, founded in 1862.

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Where Can You Watch The Knick?

Initially, The Knick was made for Cinemax but now it is available on HBO Max. You can check out The Knick on HBO Max, Max Go, Cinemax Amazon Channel, DIRECT TV. You can also watch it on Disney +. 

If you are interested in the medical field and are curious about the same, this medical drama is the perfect way to get closer to your answers. The series has captured the medicinal details and activities very well and in a realistic manner.

If you haven’t checked out The Knick, do watch it! All we can do is hope that season 3 of The Knick gets renewed! Till then stay tuned!