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The Kissing Booth 2 : Trailer is out! Find all the details.

Here comes the big news about The Kissing Booth Part 2. The most awaited Netflix Original movie is all set to hit the screens of Netflix. Check out all the latest updates of The Kissing Booth 2!

“The Kissing Booth 2”: Trailer:

The official trailer of the upcoming movie is out today only, i.e, 6th July 2020 at 7 pm (IST). You can watch the trailer online at YouTube which is released by Netflix’s account. The trailer rose the excitement of the fans by the end of it. Read everything about the trailer in the synopsis.

Synopsis of Trailer of The Kissing Booth 2:

Kissing Booth 2
The trailer starts from the point the movie was left off in the previous part. Noah and Elle had the perfect summer and then Noah left for his college at Harvard. The second part deals with the story of Elle’s last year of High School and Noah’s first year at college. As the trailer moves further Noah finds a hot girl in his college and posts pictures which shows he is partying with her.

Seeing the same, Elle is told by the girls of her High School that Noah is moved on. Meanwhile, even in High School, a new boy Marco becomes the new dude, and Elle is forced to ask him to work at the Kissing Booth. By the end of the trailer, Elle is seen applying for Harvard for which Lee is upset as they planned to go to Berlin.

There was also a final face-off between Noah and Marco for Elle. How will Elle resolve the problem of Noah and Marco? Will Elle be joining Harvard for Noah or will she drop it for Lee?

Mark the date 24 July 2020 for The Kissing Booth 2 to get all the answers.



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