The Invisible Man trailer: This Elisabeth Moss starred is strange


The trailer of the Invisible Man is out, and it will surely give you the chills.

In the trailer, we see Elisabeth Moss running away from her abusive boyfriend. After her boyfriend’s death, she is set to inherit five million dollars, only if she is not ruled mentally incompetent. But her supposed dead boyfriend has got other plans for her. Elisabeth Moss believes he is still a presence in her life and is invisible to all. Things start spinning out of control as she cannot distinguish what’s real and what’s in her head. As far as trailers are seen, this impacts the viewer quite deeply. The balance of jump scares and psychological horror seems to be just the perfect spot here.


The Invisible Man

The film is mainly based on the HG Wells novel with the same name. The book also had served as an inspiration for the 1933 film. A few years ago, there was talk that Johnny Depp would be taking on the role of the invisible man, but that project was never materialized. Alongside Elisabeth Moss, the film also stars Oliver Jackson, Harriet Dyer and Aldis Hodge in significant roles.

Alongside Universal Pictures, the Blumhouse Productions also serves as producers of the film. They have produced several acclaimed films in the same genre as Get Out, Ma, Glass and Split among many more. The film’s director Leigh Whannell is also one of the co-creators of the Saw franchise. The Invisible Man will get the release on February 28th next year. If you didn’t watch the trailer yet then please go and watch it. Next year will be the horror year for you guys.

Let us hope that the movie will give us a taste of chill running down your spine. Please book your tickets beforehand and watch it on the big screen.