The Innocent Season 2 Release Date/ Story/ Cast


Are you interested to know about season 2 of the innocent so here is all the information about it.

The Innocent Season 2 About

It is important for you all to know about the innocent season 2 it is a British television series is based on an anthology mystery and drama it is created by Matthew Arlidge it is written by Matthew Arlidge, Chris Lang and it is directed by Richard Clark it is starring  Lee Ingleby, Katherine Kelly the composer of the series is  Samuel Sim the country of origin is United Kingdom and the original languages English the number of series are 2 and the number of episodes are 8.


About the production house the executive producer is Mathew Arlidge , Jeremy Gwilt ,Chris Lang  and the producer is Jeremy Gwilt, the cinematography is done by  Dirk Nel the running time of the series is 60 minutes and the production company is TX TV and distributor of the series is all3media international the original network of release is ITV.

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The Innocent Season 2 Story

The research paper has just came out with includes the news and news has break and out which includes the story of the innocent season 2 and season 1
In series 1 it is about the murder of the wife of David which is named as Tara he served in the prison for last 7 years and he was on the legal Technology the story is about and.

It revolves around to reveal the truth about who and how Tara is killed who killed Tara Tara and David children was in the custody of the Taras sister named as lice and David’s Brother series 2 there was a boy who is murdered in the late district after 5 years the Prisoner who is present in the case of Murder of Matthew Taylor who was a 16 years school going boy was not found guilty and he was released from the prison.

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The Innocent Season 2 Cast

As Per the Records It Is Discovered That the Cast of the Innocent Season 2 Is
Katherine Kelly Plays the Role of  Sally Wright
Jamie Bamber Plays the Role of  Sam Wright
Shaun Dooley Plays the Role of  Detective Chief
Priyanga Burford Plays the Role of   Karen Moss
Andrew Tiernan Plays the Role of   John Taylor
Nadia Albina Plays the Role of  Jenny
Laura Rollins Plays the Role of  Detective Sergeant Suzy Jones
Michael Stevenson Plays the Role of  Detective Constable Dave Green .

The Innocent Season 2 Release Date

The fans are curious to know about the release date and demanding a lot of questions about the release date so the weight of the fans is now over it is discovered that the series 1 was first aired on 14th may in year 2018 and last year by 17th may in the year 2018.

Where as the series true was first aid in the year 2021 on 17th may and last year on 20th May in the year 2021 both has 4-4 episodes total they have 8 episodes. Season3 of Innocent has not confirmed yet whether it will return or not.

The Innocent Season 2 Where to Watch

The famous streaming sites are always produced through the articles so all fans can approve the sides and watch your favourite drama series. It is streaming on the service bread box. You can also watch it on Netflix as well as you can buy it or download it on Apple iTunes vudu and Amazon video .

The Innocent Season 2 Episodes

Season 1 episode 1 was released on 14th may in year 2018 falling with the episode 2 it was released on 15 may in year 2018 and episode 3 and 4 was released by 16th may in the year 2018 and on 17th may in year 2018 episode 1 of season 2 was released by 17th may in the year 2021 volume with episode 2 and 3 was released on 18th may and 19th may in year 2021 episode 4 was released by 28th may in the year 2021.

The Innocent Season 2 Reviews

It has got the place in the series and it has high intensity of Dramas it is focusing on the killer identity and about the characters it is the new concept and it is convinced season 2 was long before the Corona pandemic it is the high concept and it has the good reviews all.

It has believable multilayered characters and plenty of them when very good award and tell the story in a good manner there was no tension in the drama and the characters perform their role in a very good manners it is unpredictable series.

It is the best thriller series ever watched the creators perform their role in the genius manner it has got 4.7 stars out of 5 which are the children as good ones and has got 1038 ratings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Innocent Season 2 Coming ?

The Innocents season 2 was begun and premiered on Monday may 17 in the year 2021 it is available on ITV hub and brit  box UK.

Where Can I Watch Innocent Season2 ?

The  innocent season 2 is streaming on sentence now it is also available on directv spectrum on demand AMC Plus roku as well as you can buy and download it from Apple iTunes Google Play Mu vs Amazon video and vudu .

How Many Episodes Are Innocent on Netflix?

Innocent is about a series in which a wrong person is in prison. It has 8 episodes in total which means season 1 has 4 episodes and season 2 also has 4 episodes.

Is There a Season 3 of Innocent?

Innocent Season 1 and season 2 total 8 episodes. It has not been confirmed yet whether Innocent will return for the third series or not .


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