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The Innocence files: Where is the famous Doctor Michael West now?




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The Innocence files: In the very first episode, the fans see the story of Doctor Michael West who gained a lot of notoriety in the ’80s when he had testified at a number of high-profile trials.

Who is Doctor Michael?

Doctor Michael

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He is actually a dentist and also a Forensic Odontologist. His main job is to entailed analysing bite marks in criminal cases. In the Innocence Files, the fans or the viewers will see how is expert advice, that led to the wrongful conviction of more than a half a dozen of people.

His work would also involve him taking some teeth impressions from the accused person, then he would be making moulds to see if they had matched the marks seen on the victim. He had really great work to do and a really serious one.

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Then it was also later found out that his method, called the ‘direct comparison’ can also be unreliable.

What Happened To Him?

He is now 67 years old and he is retired, and currently, he lives in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

His bite mark testimony has directly contributed to the dangerous murder convictions of Levon Brooks and also Kennedy Brewer. They both were accused of killing two of the young girls in the very early 1990’s.

There were very minimal evidence against the pair, but West was very much adamant that the bite mark seen on the two of the girls whom they have murdered came from. Both the men were exonerated from the crime more than a decade later after the main or the real killer admitted his crime that he killed them.

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In the year 2009, it was also alleged that the Doctor had once forced a suspect’s dental mould into the corpse to make it fit. We do not know if that was exactly true but that was the real news.

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