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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4- Will Nick Return Now? Release Date, Cast, Plot

Ever since its release, The Handmaid’s Tale has also been gaining popularity. 

The show successfully multiplied to double its scenes in the second season and the third season also saw a boom.

 Therefore, it is no surprise that the show will return. Also, the official social media handle of the series says so.

When Will Handmaid’s Tale Release

Season 4 was officially announced to work in July 2019. Even before this was confirmed, Hulu chief executive Randy Freer was positive about his future on-screen.

“Only the creative process can determine whether there will be more seasons. The shows take a natural progression and will be renewed until they become successful. I expect Handmade Tale to be in the last ten seasons.” 

Handmaid’s Tale CAST

While no official word has come on the cast of season 4, we can make an educated guess as to who will return.

June (Elizabeth Moss) will return. Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, Miller said, “The show has always been told from June’s point of view. Interacting with people, subplots, everything.”

Moss himself addressed feelings that June should have died long ago.

 “I understand. He’s supposed to be 100% dead. But he’s also the main character. So what can you do? We were already pushing it in season three, and we agreed that June can’t go back to Gilead. “

Handmaid’s Tale Story Line

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Miller said, “I see a world beyond the present. Everything has changed a lot. I want the Nuremberg Trial to happen after Gilead falls.”

Miller also states that he will still follow the novel’s arc. Although Margaret Atwood helped release the much-awaited sequel It the Testament in September 2019, it states that June survived her assassination attempts and is hiding in Canada.

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