The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4: will Hannah’s parents meet her?


The Handmaid’s Tale is a series that is based on Margaret Atwood’s classic novel of the same name.

The series shows its audience a horrifying picture of a theocratic government that takes control of the bodies of the women. The show is definitely a try for you.


Almost 93 percent of the viewers have loved the show so I think there has to be something interesting in it.

The network in which the series is connected with is Hulu. The first episode of the series was released in April 2017.

Will Hannah Meet her parents in the fourth season?

The final episodes were very hard to watch as the credits of the series rolled at the end of the third season, included the location of June’s daughter, Hannah.

The people who have watched the show might know that June did not keep in touch with her daughter, Hannah since the end of season 2.

Although she was on the brink to find her in the seventh episode of the third season.

June’s focus changes to help other Gilead children escape to Canada. It is more likely to think that Hannah should have been one of them.

Luke hopes that his daughter might be on the plane only disappointed.

The new season or the fourth season of the sequel is coming up very soon. Last year Hulu had announced that the series will be continuing for the fourth season as well. Fans are very happy that this is happening.

The series has already gained a lot of attraction from the people. The series has overall been a successful series since the beginning of the release of its first episode.

The series also received awards like Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series.

Let us hope the best for the whole team of the show. We all wish them good luck.