The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 will be released in the US and UK

The Handmaid's Tale Season 4

The popularity of handmaids tale is increasing day by day. In the second season, viewers are twice as many as in the first. Of course, the show will be extended until the fourth season.

The fourth season was officially announced on the show’s social media shortly after the last episode of the third season, which aired in the United States. A small teaser for Season 4 of The Handmaid tale was tweeted on July 26, 2019 Season 4.


Hulu CEO Randy Freer is also optimistic about the upcoming season of events. He told Variety that he wanted the fourth season and spent ten seasons.

However, there is no official release date for the new episodes. The last three seasons beginning in the summer of 2017, 2018 and 2019, so the fourth season is expected in the summer of 2020.

Editor Wendy Halam Martic told the Mayday podcast that the screenwriter is currently working on the script and that the photo will be released in March 2020, which will again be broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK.

Now it’s time for the actors, even without an official announcement.

The main character of this show is June, and it is centered around your point of view.

June plays a major role, but in the new season, she has achieved a lot. He was hidden in Canada after several murders.

This story is about Aunt Lydia and two girls named Agatha and Daisy.