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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Predictions Pamela’s Death sealed as fans find the huge book hint

Fans of The Handmaid’s Tale are in a dry spell. After three seasons there is no further news about this Hulu streamed show. This is not something you would want to hear for your favorite show. 

However, with the release of a new book in the sequel, The Testaments fans have already got their hands busy. After all what better way to predict the events of a new season?

It might be the end for the character June(Elisabeth Moss). Other characters have settled in Canada.

The wait for season 4 will be a long one it seems. Still, theories are making the rounds on what could happen when the show returns.

What has happened so far?

So far, Serena (Yvonne Strahovski) was a cruel boss to Offred and other house staff. She is the wife of Commander Waterford(Joseph Fiennes).

Fans find themselves sympathizing with the poor staff. Serena is desperate to birth her child, even though she is infertile. She seems almost a bit too enthusiastic to the extent of being a sociopath.

In the third season though, there is a real shift in this character. By the time we reach the finale, this character defines rebelliousness. 

She grew up under the strict rules of widow Pamela. However, speculations are rife on what might happen as Serena has begun to show her rebellious side.

What do the theorists say?

The social forum, Reddit is buzzing with fan questions and theories. A fan asks how Gilead might react in season four, “Just wondering what will happen to Pamela now that Serena left her.”

“Did Serena just leave her to the mercy of the Sons of Jacob or did she warn her mother and give her a chance to escape?”

In Gilead’s oppressive society, The Sons of Jacob were the original people to provoke oppression. In recent seasons, they even successfully did a hostile takeover.

According to fan theories, Pamela might be used by the Sons of Jacob as an example. In the long run, it will force Serena to give in and leave her rebellious side. Viewers have been pouring over the new book for further clues.

One comment says, “The Commanders know the truth but they won’t want word of dissension and betrayal to weaken the average citizen’s faith in Gilead.”

Pointing an example from the book, “If that’s the route they choose they will have no official reason to punish Serena’s mother or reduce her status”

Another Redditor disagreed, “They can still send her to the colonies or kill her and say ‘she had a heart attack’ or fell down a flight of stairs.”

Until an official release date for season 4 is not confirmed, more and more theories will keep pouring in as more people pick up the books. Hulu will release season 4 around the end if 2020.



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