‘The Great Heist’ or ‘El Robo Del Siglo’: Release Date, Cast, Plot And All The Updates


El Robo Del Siglo updates: It is a Colombian thriller series web series based on a real robbery that happened in Colombia in October 1994. It is also said that this series is inspired by a book courtesy by journalist Alfredo Serrano Zabala named, ‘This is how I robbed the Bank: The Assault of the 20th century in Colombia’.

Recently, the worldwide success of Money Heist has boosted the arrival of series based on robberies or heists. Money Heist received a huge amount of audience. Even the stars featured in that series received a boost in their fan following. Netflix will want to release more series based on heists as soon as possible. Let’s see what will the makers of The Great Heist or ‘El Robo Del Siglo’ will offer us.

El Robo Del Siglo: Trailer And The Release Date


Netflix has revealed the release date of this series. ‘El Robo Del Siglo’ is going to release on August 14, 2020. Till now, Netflix hasn’t released any official trailer of ‘El Robo Del Siglo’. But they have released an announcement video on YouTube, which gives you a glimpse of how the series is going to be. It looks awesome though. You can watch it at the end of this article.

El Robo Del Siglo: The Storyline

Thankfully, Netflix has also officially uploaded a description or a synopsis of the storyline of this series. This is that official description: “Inspired by the true events, The Great Heist follows the assault on the Bank of the Republic, also known as ‘The robbery of the century’ perpetrated in October 1994. A band of thieves stole US $33million and put the whole country upside down

.” According to reports of the true-crime event, a band of thieves had stolen millions from the country’s central bank, the Bank of the Republic in Valledupar. Express reports that the thieves were professionals in quite a few fields, as the band included “established robbers, electronics specialist, four members of the police, the manager of the Agrarian Fund of a municipality of Cundinamarca and three officials from the bank itself, including a cashier, the treasurer and the manager of the security system.”



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