The Grand Tour Season 5 Expected Release Date and Every Other Detail Fans Must Know

The Grand Tour Season 5 Expected Release Date

Fans of the British motoring television series The Grand Tour are in for some seriously good news; the fifth season of this popular series is soon going to hit the screens.

What Is Known So Far:

An official release date for the fifth season of The Grand Tour is not known. However, fans may rest assured because sooner or later, it is happening. It caused quite an amount of excitement amongst fans when in July 2019, Andy Wilman, the executive producer of the show, declared that he and the production crew had extended their contracts with Amazon for two additional years. This statement effectively confirms that there are going to be at least two more seasons of this popular motor series.

What The Show The Grand Tour Season 5 Is About:

The-Grand-Tour.Season 5

The Grand Tour is a motor series. It is aired on the Amazon Prime exclusively. The show mostly deals with car reviews and timed laps, motoring challenges and races, studio segments, and celebrity guests. The filming team uses a studio within a large tent during the time of the shooting. The shooting-tent is taken to various locations and episodes are weekly put on Amazon Prime.

Since its premiere, The Grand Tour has become a massive favorite with car-lovers. Celebrity drivers have featured on the show, adding to its glamour. The show has been created by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May, and Andy Wilman. The first-ever episode premiered on 18 November 2016, on Amazon Prime.

The series came into fruition after Clarkson, Hammond, May, and Wilman ended ties with the BBC and left the show Top Gear. The Grand Tour was originally contracted with 36 episodes over three years. But due to its overwhelming success, Amazon Prime has expressed its wishes to carry on with its broadcast.

Though it is not exactly known what particular format the fifth season of the series will take, it is expected that the previous formats of The Grand Tour would be adhered to. Fans of the show just have to wait since filming in various locations is not yet possible due to the current global pandemic situation.


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