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The Google Pixel 5 could be a more affordable phone for the masses




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Google Pixel 5 Updates: One of the main reasons why google pixel fails is the MRSP they offer. If they change the price BOOM!!! sales will crash all records. This could be changed with pixel 5.

Whats Googling?

Recently big news dropped which affected the reputation of google in the Photography field. The news was that Mario Queiroz and Marc Levoy had left Google, both of them being an important part of the Camera tech of the pixel. Rick Osterloh, SVP of Hardware at Google was disappointed after the launch of Pixel 4, and the company wanted to take a step back from the pixel 5.

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Cheap Chip

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The most important leak if Google Pixel 5 is that, Google will ditch the SoC chip and put another cheaper version of the chip. The company offered the SoC on the Pixel 4, and it offered extremely niche utility. However, most of the users have turned off this feature to save battery.

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The two main demerits of the pixel 5 can be the cheap chip instead of Soc and the evasion from the expensive Snapdragon 865 and putting affordable chip 765G Snapdragon or the newer model of this.

Pixel 5 at a low price?

What we know about Google Pixel 5

The best part about this year’s Pixel will be it won’t burn a hole in our pocket. The rumours suggest that Pixel 4a might even be dipping below the iPhone SE price.

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The sales of pixel 4 was a downfall after pixel 3, one of the reasons is that a Google phone has a Longer life as compared to its competition, the iPhone which gets outdated with a year, and the processor starts to change as soon as two new iPhone release.
A cheaper Pixel 5 would be a bold step forward and would make the Pixel series a more attractive option to potential buyers.

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