Will There Be The God of High School Season 2?

The God of High School Season 2 updates

It’s been a year for the anime series and no doubt every platform has put their best anime on the screen. For me, personally, Crunchyroll has given some of the best anime series to watch. With The God of High School being released, fans have been speculating if Crunchyroll will extend it and still show the story of the High school drama. While anime series are often referenced to Japan, there is no doubt that other countries are also experimenting with their skills in this Zone. in the fight South Korea has been the number one runner-up as their webtoon are amazing and already popular. With that being said, Will, there be any possibility of The God of High School Season 2 happening?

The first season of the anime was released in 2020. As it happens, the show soon became one of the most anticipated and requested shows among the people. No one could have believed that the anime series would see this much popularity in such a short time. 

From the first season itself, the popularity rose and the show got some insane ratings from both the critics and the audience. With season 1 ending on a stiff note, there have been obvious wondering if The God of High School Season 2 will happen or not? Will there be any other fighter that we are not introduced to?

Well among all those things, we know that fans have been thinking about the second installment of the show. If you are one of those people then this article will be your savior. We’ll be going to discuss everything regarding The God of High School Season 2. Continue your reading to find out everything you need to know. 

The God of High School Season 2: Is it Confirmed?

When the first series was released in 2020, no one expected the show to get this much popularity. With tons of anime series getting released in a single year, bigger platforms are also trying to put their foot on this game. The God of High School is the exclusive anime of Crunchyroll, which is the biggest anime platform to stream anime series all over the world. 

Taking a look at the back, we saw that the anime was released in 2020. It’s been almost 1 year since the show was officially introduced. 

At the time of today, there have been no official announcements regarding The God of the High School Season 2. The officials have not yet renewed the series for its second installment. 

As a matter of fact, fans have been hoping to get another season. But personally, another season of the story seems to be a pretty good option. With the show being so popular among the fans and the story being ended on a cliffhanger, one can think that there would be a second installment of The God of High School.

As far as the Second Season of The God of the High School is concerned, there are many reasons why the anime series can get a renewal. Based on the Korean webtoon that is already releasing its chapters for the readers, we can hope for the creators to get the second 2 too. 

With enough source material available, the creators won’t be minding to release its multiple seasons. According to the report, if the creators are preparing for season 2 and will be making it according to the webtoon then the show can be extended up to 6 seasons. Yes! The source material is enough to make the show go for six seasons.

The God of High School Season 2: Expected Release Date

The God of High School Season 2 updates

As far as the viewers are concerned regarding the second installment, we know that the showrunner has yet to confirm the series. The second installment of the show is pretty devastating as there has been no official confirmation that would confirm it. However, we are pretty sure that the given source material would be enough for the makers to at least release the second season. 

The story of the god’s fighting is amazing and being a weird concept, it was still well taken from the viewers. The ending of The God of High School was pretty rough and while fans are hoping to see something great, we have been thinking about the second installment. Saying this, we have just been told that there might be a possibility of The God of High School Season 2. 

If everything goes fine, we think that the show will be confirmed to release in 2022-2023. On the other hand, it’s been only one year since the show has officially premiered on the screen, we’ll recommend you to wait for a whole to get the confirmation.

However, the release date of the anime is not yet confirmed and fans need to wait for a while to get the name confirmed. When the show gets confirmed, we will update our article and will let you know about the renewal. 

With the first season ending on a major cliffhanger, there were already suspicions that the studio would release another season. As I am highly doubtful on this topic but as the afns have already been on the run, the sensitive topic begins to pull up every year. With the show being famous, there are pretty chances that it would have another season. Without much delay, here is everything you need to know about Tokyo Raven Season 2.

What are the ratings of this Anime?

The God of High School Season 2 about

Shortly after the release of the anime series, it has become one of the most anticipated for the viewers. Everyone loved the concept of the show and talked about how progressive and intriguing the storyline is. As all these things are not enough to justify the popularity of the anime series, we’ll be disclosing the ratings of the show. The story about the god fighting to save their favorite should be the new concept among the pole but in anime! We get it completely. Before ending this article, let’s take a quick look at the ratings of the series. 

The first and foremost is by IMDb, the IMDb rating of The God of High School is 7.3/10. Coming to the next one is Crunchyroll, the producer of the anime series. The audience there rated the show with 4.5/5 stars.

The next critic ratings are MyAnimeList which has rated the show with 70% of ratings. All these things are intriguing and helped the show to see greater heights. 

Moreover, the audience of the show has also taken it pretty well. The Audience rating summary of The God of the High School is 4.7 stars.

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