The Gentlemen Trailer: Review


STX Entertainment drops the second The Gentleman trailer. Last October, the trailer for the film The Gentleman understood the complexities of the premise. For the second clip, however, the main character interprets the plot.

The Gentleman unravels the relationship between London businessmen and American ex-pat Mickey Pearson (Matthew McConaghie), a drug lord who considers being retired from criminal underworld activities, such as selling lots of marijuana. Coincidentally, Pearson’s acquaintances and enemies attempt to establish control. But Pearson wins so easily and decides that he probably won’t say it. The gentlemen include Hugh Grant, Michelle Dockery, Colin Farrell, and Charlie Hannum.

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The Gentlemen

McConaghy’s oratorical skills are the primary focus in the second trailer of The Gentleman. The 80-second clip takes a pragmatic approach, as Dold Pearson essentially unfolds the story through a highly symbolic conversation with Golding Eye – a “clever lion” who sees “young and silly dragons” in a realm Changes. Converts to refuse (which starts in battle). And so there is a fight between the young and the old, integrating various characters with clever editing as the lion story continues to the end.

The Gentlemen

The second trailer of Gentleman, trimmed down significantly from the original, appeals to filmmakers who may not be familiar with Richie’s general storytelling approach. In the first Gentleman trailer, Grant’s character acted as the primary storyteller. Now, it is the charismatic McConaughey who explains the rules of the game. Watch Gentleman trailer # 2 below.

During the opening weekend, next month, The Gentleman will land against Aneesh Chogani’s thriller Run and Floria Sigindondi’s horror film The Turning. And while both of these films may prove to be commercially successful and critically acclaimed releases, Richie’s latest feature will undoubtedly be the focal point of pop culture discussion.

Based on the second trailer of The Gentleman, Richie will target fans who enjoy the quirky humor of films such as Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrell and Snatch. And by casting McConaghie, Richie’s latest film will appeal to the actor’s international fanbase, which will allow a high box pick. If the writing is tight and the performance resonates, Gentleman will help Richie make another huge studio blockbuster.