The game Resident Evil series breaks 100 Million units which is sold Worldwide

Resident Evil series has now passed 100 million titles which have been shipped since their inception in the year 1996 and that was through Eurogamer.

At the end of March this year, the production house Capcom announced that their IPs are continuing to chug along nicely and are a great way for the company. Monster Hunter has also been shipped 63 million copies in total, then there is Street Fighter which has also reached 44 million copies in total. Then comes Resident Evil it just made about 98 million sales in total by the very end of March.


Resident Evil series breaks 100 Million units

Now, the main powers of Resident Evil 2 and also for the third part combined 6.5 million copies sold and two million copies sold respectively. This whole thing has tipped the series over the  100 million units marks, which is a cause for a celebration.

Now, with the regards to the future, the production house Capcom stated that this whole thing remains firmly committed to satisfying all the expectations of all the stakeholders and it also aims to industry-leading game development capabilities in order to create highly entertaining gameplay experience.

Resident Evil Remake


There are some rumours which claim that Resident Evil will be remade, just like the second part of Resident Evil and also the third part of it. M-Two, founded the former PlatinumGames head of Tatsuya Minami, also contributed to the development of the third part of the game, and then apparently the studio used the game as the ‘practise’ run for the fourth part of Resident Evil.

There also some key differences between the third part of the game of 1999 and also of 2020, one of them also brings the addition of some new enemies and also quick-time events. these enemies then strikingly similar to the Plagas of the Resident Evil part 4, which also could count as the evidence of remake.

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