The French Dispatch Review: Must Read To Know Everything About It

The French Dispatch

After the cast of the French Dispatch made their entry in Cannes 2021, people couldn’t take their eyes off them. The amazing cast entered the red carpet with a bang and we all were waiting for them together. The Recently released movie, The French dispatch is lately in talks about its amazing storyline. 

Directed by Wes Anderson which stars Timothee Chalamet along with Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton. The cast is already famous in the Entertainment world and after the movie was released, the people started to love them more. 

The French Dispatch was one of the most anticipated movies by the audience. After the movie was released at the film festival but the movie is still left to air in the USA. Citizens of the USA are looking for updates on the movie and wanting to know every single detail of the movie. Here is everything we know about the upcoming movie, The French Dispatch. 

Marvel has always been consistent with its movies. With the Avenger: Endgame finishing, there is more story to come. Movies like Iron man 4 are still in development and fans have been wondering whether they will see their superhero Tony Stark in the movie. Read this article to find out about the series.

The French Dispatch: Everything You Need to Know!

The French Dispatch

An American comedy-drama series The French Dispatch was based on the love letters that were sent during the 20th century. The main attraction of the movie was the letter that the Journalists have sent over the years. Earlier, the movie was announced to release in 2020 but the global pandemic has delayed the production and airing of this movie.

Moreover, the filming started in 2018 and ended somewhere in 2019. The movie was officially released at the Cannes Film Festival on 12 July 2021. Still, the movie is left to premiere in theatres worldwide. The officials have confirmed the movie to be released on 22 October 2021 and fans couldn’t wait anymore.

Even more, The young actor, Timothee Chalamet was the center of the popularity. As the actor is already famous among the girls and has 12.3+ Million followers on Instagram.

Moreover, the movie is a set of stories that depicts a different plot every time. There isn’t much revealed about the movie but looking at the trailer, it was clear that the plot will be amazing. According to the report, the movie was a contribution to the New York Magazine. 

The French Dispatch: Review  

The French Dispatch

Shoot in the fictional French city where there is a newspaper press that shows the collection of stories through the love letter. The original magazine shows the story of that time of situation ranging from social problems, economic hardship, and local love. As soon as the trailer hit on youtube, audiences were quick to respond regarding the movie. 

The #Thefrenchdispatch was trending on Twitter and there was an only appreciation for the movie. Personally, we have done something different by creating the movie in this time, talking about the story of the 20th century.

Furthermore, I know that not everyone will love the story and not everyone will adore these cult classics in the age of superheroes and animated shows. But out of surprise, the audience responded positively to the movie. 

Watching the official trailer, I can say that the screenwriter and cinematography have perfectly done their job in the favour of the movie. One can clearly see the standard of the movie which includes Sarcasm for sure and the comedy was over the top. Just by adding some simple comments, the trailer was enough to tell the people about the actual plot. 

The creators have clearly used their brains to make the official trailer. For the past few months, every movie which is coming with a trailer, they aren’t using enough resources. Many trailers are just getting normal and too basic to excite the audience. Watching the trailer of this movie, One can clearly urge himself to watch the movie too. 

How People reacted to the Movie?

The French Dispatch review

The movie is everything that you can expect the director to make. We have seen the other works of Anderson. The audience has commented on the greatness of the director and his amazing skills to present such a masterpiece. Meeting the standard of jeeping the amazing cinematography in the movie and also adding sarcasm and jokes, we have The French Dispatch.

Many people are waiting for the movie to officially release in the USA. The release date was further pushed back after seeing the covid-19 situation in the starters. The movie is currently available in the Theatre only. 

The audience has also adored the variety of actors in the movie and they loved how all these actors have balanced the movie. Even more, the show’s admirers have rated the movie with 4.5 in the audience rating summary. 

Edward and Bella will remain the historic couple in our life. Seriously, we have grown up watching the series and the story and the entertainment never really gets old. As the Twilight series is still a popular one, Netflix has decided to own it. Twilight is coming to the popular streaming platform Netflix to binge-watch. 

Is there any Official Trailer of the movie?

The official trailer of the movie is on Youtube. The French Dispatch has released the trailer and almost 5 Million views. Fans have positively reacted to the official trailer and are still waiting for the movie to officially release in the theatre to watch. 

If you are someone who is new to this series and haven’t watched the official trailer yet then here it is for you. Watch the official trailer of this comedy-drama movie. 

Wrapping Words

The movie isn’t officially released in the USA yet and was scheduled to release on 22 October 2021. The French Dispatch is a tribute to the New York Magazine and has cast different actors in the movie. Set in the fictional New York City, the movie dictates the different sets of stories through the letters. The movie is directed by Wes Anderson in a unique way. 

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