The Flight Attendant Season 2 – Official Release date, Confirmed Plot And More

the flight attendant

The Flight Attendant has just finished its first season and the season-ending with a cliffhanger makes the fans eagerly waiting to see what the future of this series looks like.

Based on the novel by Chris Bohjalian which shares the same name as the show. After releasing the first season on 26 November 2020, the show started to make a lot of fans. The show which is a little less based on the books and a little more based on the official’s own imagination is something great to see.


Many readers of the book acknowledge how this show is completely different from what is plotted in the novel. It gives more place for the viewers to explore the art of the writer in a fun way. 

In this article, we’ll be going to see all the things that are needed to be told to the fans of this show. Also, there are many questions in the minds of viewers regarding season 2 and the future of Cassey. Stay on this article to know about it.

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The Flight Attendant – What is it About?

the flight attendant

The show starts with the girl who looks quite decent through her look. She is Cassie Bowden who works under an American Flight form as a flight attendant. Her character is the main protagonist of this show and it looks like almost every episode of this series revolves around this girl.

Apart from getting good looks, her well-developed personality is just for showcase. She has a bad habit of drinking and even can’t control her habit on the flight too. Her reckless drinking everywhere makes her life terrible. 

One day, she wakes up in the city of Bangkok with a heavy hangover. She tried to remember the previous night but her memory can’t recognize anything at all. Then, suddenly, her room got a dead body of a man, whom she couldn’t even remember. Panicked, afraid, and shocked came to her instantly.

In reality, the man was a fellow passenger and as Cassie has an old habit of getting drunk with the passenger, she thought of herself as the culprit. 

Afraid of getting caught, she runs away from the scene and even leaves her job. Cassie finds another job in the same profession. But her crime-cleanup couldn’t hide for a long time and the FBI found her after some time. 

Cassie was not able to find out if she was really the one who slaughtered the throat of that man or it was someone else. The questioning of the FBI agents started and she started to get panicked more and more. 

Trauma and hallucinations affected her during the process and she later believes that she was not the killer. The story ends to find the real killer of the man and the season ends here. With so much suspense on, the fans were demanding the season 2 be released soon. 

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The Flight Attendant – Is there Going to be a Season 2?

the flight attendant

After season 1 ended, the officials renewed the series for season 2. It was well-expected as the series ended with a major cliffhanger and the creators needed to let the viewers know about the culprit. 

Moreover, the creators have already scheduled the release date for this year and the series will happen in 2022. There is an eager want to find out what exactly happens with cassie’s life in the story afterward. 

Furthermore, according to some sources, season 2 will be released in the third quarter of 2021. The show makers have already announced that they have different plans for Cassie than what exactly happens with the book. If you have already read the book and watched the show at the same time then you would know how much the story matches together. 

Not only this but the director has already confirmed in the interview that Cassie will have a completely different story and they have already made the script ready. Also, there is no second part of the novel yet, so it is obvious that both the readers and watchers will be excited to see how the writers will put together the story. 

In an interview with Weekly Report, Cuoco said, “We don’t have the book anymore… and the book was great. And now these characters can kind of take on some other adventures, and I’m excited about that.” 

However, there are no updates if the production of the show has started by now or not. 

The Flight Attendant Season 2 – Expected plot

the flight attendant

Season 1 ended with a suspenseful ending making Cassie realize that she was not the person who killed the man. It is confirmed that she will try to find out the real person in order to prove herself innocent. The FBI agents are already there, it would be great to see if they will team up with her to find what it will look like. 

The novel is completely different from what we are currently watching on television. The creator has said that,

 “We still have this little girl, crazy girl in a china shop knocking things over, not knowing what she’s doing. I think there will be a little bit of the CIA asset side kind of on the side, and she’s not going to be a big part of it.”

“We’re going to be really facing the fact that she’s trying to stay sober,” 

She further added, “She’s going to really really struggle with that, and she’s going to realize it’s not as easy as she thought.”

Moreover, the flight attendant is seriously going to have a messed-up life in season 2, as it was said by the creators in the same interview. 

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Is it worth watching?

If watching thrillers and suspense is something that you love then I would definitely recommend this series to you. The reader of the original novel can also go for this novel as the story is quite different and it will surely make them excited. Due to its comedy nature, you’ll not stick up to the same genre throughout season 1. Also, the character of Cassie will seriously entertain you. The actress never failed to make the audience some with her acting. 

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Wrapping Up

Many people complain that the show practices the basic stereotype of the male flight attendant to be gay or sexualizing the flight attendant in genal. As there are already many reports where the flight attendants are harassed by the passengers and describing Cassie as a person who is ready to hook up with random guys is something unstable to many people. But apart from this, the show has an amazing story and many viewers enjoy watching it. The second installment of this show is already confirmed and will be released in 2022. 

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