The Flash Season 7: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Everything

The Flash Season 7

Barry Allen’s creation of a brand new Speed Force in The Flash seems to have released other dynamic cosmic forces upon the Arrowverse.

This would be a nod to a current story in The Flash comic book and a clue as to the challenges Team Flash will be facing the rest of The Flash season 7.

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The first episodes of The Flash season 7 have focused approximately Barry Alen’s efforts to regain his abilities after the death of the Speed Force after Crisis on Infinite Earths.

After temporarily experimenting with an Artificial Speed Force that graced his intelligence but left him away from humanity, Barry attempted to create a new Speed Force born of the love power. With his wife, Iris, as a lightning rod, Barry tried to see out the residual Speed Force energy through in Iris from her period for a speedster and use that light to revive what was lost.

Barry was successful and got back his abilities, but the final scene of”Mother” unleashes that the lighting bolt Barry’s practical generated split into four distinct colours in the skies over Central City.

This looks remarkably like the conclusion of a comparative story recently in The Flash comic books, “Flash War”. The narrative watched Wally West trying to break the Speed Force to place free his children, who have been locked far away in a divergent reality.

Instinct, Wally’s efforts brought about the release of three new Forces, The Sage Forces, Power Force, and Still Force. These were according to the plans of the Reverse-Flash, Eobard Thawne, who have analyzed these forces in the future, but lacked the ability to arrange their release himself.

The Flash Season 7

The Flash Season 7: New Cosmic Forces

The fallout of”Flash War” flung several years’ worth of stories, as we heroes and villains became permitted by the New Forces, including a Reverse-Flash who draw upon the Power Force & Sage Force.

The Strength Force was gravity and mass what the Speed Force was speed. The last increment in the bodily strength and durability of its wielder, the Strength Force also grants control of the earth, putting forth around its wielder in the form of rocks tinged with red energy in the same way The Flash generated yellowish lighting.

The Sage Force was shown as gloomy fires and awarded people who joined with it enhanced intelligence, in addition to clairvoyant and telekinetic skills. Strangest of all was Still Force, the balance and reverse power that equals the Speed Force and governs entropy and inertia.

The Turtle, whose capability to rob the rate from moving objects around him illustrated with a green light, became much more muscularly as a Still Force manipulator.

It may be only a coincidence that the four colours of energy released over Central City in the Arrowverse corresponding to the colours assigned to the four Forces in The Flash comics.

Although, since the series has been drawing more and even more material from the Flash comics written by Joshua Williamson it appears to be probably the showrunners might have taken a stab at adapting”Flash War” in a few forms or fashion.

If nothing else, the brand new ministry would be contributing to the new foes to get Team Flash to fight over the course of the current season of the Flash and give the STAR LABS troupe something new to read and study.

The Flash Season 7 Trailer