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The Flash Season 7 Episode 4: What To Expect?

A recent episode of The Flash found Iris West-Allen fighting all the bane of all media, declining readership. Though it was a puzzle to Iris why her newspaper had lost most of its subscribers over the last three months, the answer became evident to viewers over the duration of the incident. That answer was that one individual cannot run an excellent paper independently.

While the rest of Team Flash was fighting a newly resurrected Abra Kadabra, Iris spent the entirety of”Central City Strong” combating writer’s block. This was a side-effect of the stress Iris was going through as a result of the discovery that her newspaper, the Central City Citizen, had dropped 73 percent of its online viewership during the time that she was trapped in the Mirrorverse. Throw in a few PTSD flashbacks of her time at another measurement and it wasn’t any wonder that Iris found herself not able to finish a post article about The Flash’s struggle with Mirror Monarch.

This information was revealed during Iris’ first scene in”Central City Strong,” since Iris is known as her intern Allegra Garcia from her volunteer job to request notes of Iris’ most up-to-date article. Iris hoped that her bit might”pull us out of the fiscal hole that Mirror-Me put us .” Allegra wasn’t so optimistic, just admitting she thought the article stunk after Iris insisted that she be honest and pretend that she was Iris’ editor. Allegra’s chief complaint was that despite Iris’ own experiences as a Mirrorverse abductee, she’d said nothing about what it was like for all the folks trapped in the Mirrorverse. Allegra additionally pointed out that Iris had included a quotation from a guy named Maurice that certainly hadn’t been fact-checked, and that Iris had taken one part of her post”straight out of CCPN’s report.”

The Flash Season 7 Episode 4

While outright plagiarism is probably not average of Iris’ work ethic, this did stage to why the Central City Citizen was losing readers; a lack of content that is original. Other events in the event affirmed that”Central City Strong” took place one week after The Flash’s battle with Mirror Monarch in the previous episode, “Mother.” This means that the Central City Citizen had gone a week without publishing anything about what was the biggest story of this year. What’s even stranger is that Iris was composing one big article about the entire event rather than several smaller bits talking about different aspects of it. Even though a small-town newspaper that only prints a new edition once weekly could eliminate this type of thing, this type of delay is inexcusable in an electronic paper written for a metropolis the size of Central City.

Another reason why the Central City Citizen has likely lost readers within the last 3 months is that the newspaper was missing the majority of its employees during that time, with Iris West-Allen and photographer Kamilla Hwang was among the earliest of the Mirrorverse abductees. The Flash season 6 and when the mirror-duplicates of both Iris and Kamilla died, Allegra Garcia would have been left running the paper by herself for the better part of two months. This could have been a daunting task, even dismissing her active role as part of Team Flash. It also didn’t help things that Kamilla was permitted to move on hiatus immediately after returning to reality so she could photograph the devastation of Central City, leaving Allegra since the only employee capable of giving Iris any feedback regarding her writing.

Considering this, it is a wonder that the Central City Citizen hadn’t gone under, irrespective of how badly Mirror Iris mismanaged its finances. Money doesn’t matter much when your boss is attempting to put a digital paper with a team of only 3 workers including herself. Thankfully, The Flash episode”Central City Strong,” finished with Iris doing one thing right; supplying Allegra a position as a full-time team writer in acknowledgment of all she had done.

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