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The Flash Movie is Finally happening after many years.

After a long gap of The Flash, it seems like The Flash DCEU film is finally happening now that Andy Muschietti and Christina Hodson are also involved. While announcing a slew of release dates recently, Warner Bros, announced that The Flash had been given a new release date of July 1st, 2022. Previously it was given March 16th, 2018 release date back in October 2014.


The Flash had been delayed from that original release due to some struggles that happened behind the scenes to get a director attached to the project that did not clash with the producers over creative differences. Since the announcement that Ezra Miller’s version of the speedster would have got a solo movie, Ezra Miller has managed to appear as the character in a supporting capacity in three other DC Comics movies, however, a solo movie has always been out of his grasp.


Now, the Flash has a concrete release date set for the heart of Summer 2022, as well as a creative team consisting of Christina Hodson penning the screenplay and It Director Andy Muschietti helming the project. Although further delays are possible, the new regime running DC films has been firm about not setting release dates until they are committed to meet them. If there ever was a time that it looked like Ezra Miller’s Flash movie was happening, this is it.

Hiring Muschetti to helm The Flash continues a recent successful tradition of getting filmmakers responsible for Warner Bros. New Line Cinema horror fare and having them direct big-budget superhero fare for DC. While the project could still make a stumble into development hell once more, the fact that the feature is now being handled by the writers and the directors who have the experience with troubled productions creating crowd-pleaser genre fare indicates why The Flash seems to be finally taking off after so much behind the scenes turmoil.



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