The finale episodes of Riverdale were the craziest episodes?

Granted, that the finale that the fans and all of us just watched was not the original Riverdale season 4 of the show. but it was just like the rest of the country, the Riverdale High Seniors are now going to have to wait a while longer before their graduation ceremony comes around the corner.


Even if the episode ‘Killing Mr Honey’ was not supposed to be the finale, Roberto Aguirre and co. Made sure that this got one hell of a finale anyway. Now, teasing that we all may finally see the death of Riverdale’s jerk of the principal, and all these things definitely left the fans intrigued.

'Riverdale' Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse

We are really not going to lie, we all prefer the Riverdale episodes where we were watching the whole team deal with the dead body. but whole of this ‘Jughead or (Cole Sprouse) writing the murder mysteries’ gimmick is now starring to get old. We also know that the narrator is now heading off to the University of Lowa for writing, but they all needed one more sample to sell them on their admission.

So now the question comes that What does the Jughead do? Write a murder mystery where the character Betty pitches an idea to get the revenge on Mr. Honey. Then the whole gang attempts to pull a dangerous prank on him, but then everything goes horribly wrong, and then they are left to clean up a dead body of Mr. Honey.

But the ending gets a bit of a rewrite when Jughead then realises Mr.Honey is not the actual monster that he thought he was. Then Mr Honey ends up writing a positive recommendation letter in Jughead’s favour to Jughead.

The very final version the University of Lowa got of the story had an ending where the whole gang realigns their normal compass and then it saves Mr. Honey’s life.

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