The Final Season Of Shameless Has Been Indefinitely Delayed

The Final Season Of Shameless Has Been Indefinitely Delayed

The final season Shameless is about to release and fans are really excited about the show. The most disturbing part for fans was when Emmy Rossum’s Fiona left the show in Season 9. There have been many leaks and news about this show as it has always been in the spotlight.

On March 18, Kenney shared an Instagram post announcing that filming for Season 11 was supposed to begin that day. “We were supposed to start production on our 11th and final season today, but unfortunately/fortunately, we have been shut down indefinitely until this health crisis is over,” she wrote. “Stay safe and isolated everyone!”


The Final Season Of Shameless Has Been Indefinitely Delayed-

Due to the pandemic situation, the show has been delayed for a very long time, moreover, it might be possible that the viewers must have lost their patience after this long wait. The more delayed the show was the harder it was for the actors to coordinate for the show.

Shameless was renewed in January this year. “Airing this summer, it will be one last hurrah for the Gallaghers and their unique blend of love and lechery,” said Showtime’s president of entertainment, Gary Levine.

This show has successfully launched ten seasons and the final season is going to be Legen…Dary.

Rossum said, “I would never close my door on the family”. “They should just think of me being down the block. I’m just in New York. It’s not like I’ll never be in LA or Chicago ever again, so I’m not that far away. But for me, quite honestly, I’m not sure what more story can be told for her. I really liked the way we ended it. But never say never; I really love all the people I work with.”

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