The Final Fantasy VII Remake Promises to Please Longtime Fans and Newcomers Alike


Long back in 2015, when Square Enix announced the remake of fan-favorite Final Fantasy VII, many questions were raised as to how a 22-year-old game would turn out to be. Final Fantasy VII was launched in 1997, with a quasi turn-based combat style that is presently replaced with straight-forward action. It was pretty uncertain how a remake could incorporate the traditional game’s battle system.


During E3 this year, Square Enix laid more light on the subject. The developers declared that the combat would a mix of old and new styles. The plot takes us to a planet with a physical life force being exploited by an evil mega-corporation. The gamers would play the role of an arrogant mercenary named’ Cloud Strife’ hired by an organization named ‘Avalanche’. You will have to stop the company from terrorizing the planet.

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s combat includes both straight-up action and the original’s turn-based tactics. When encountering enemies, you can use the square button to hack away, circle to dodge, and the right bumper to shield yourself from incoming attacks.

Doing damage increases what’s called your Active Time Battle (ATB) meter, and you press the X button to enter the turn-based menu. Doing this slows down the action to a crawl, and allows you to use a character’s abilities, spells and items.

That said, everything about this game demo seemed to come from a place of reverence for the original game, while also striving to make a modern blockbuster experience. Whether you’re a fan of the original, or interested in what you’ve seen so far of the remake, Final Fantasy VII seems to be as fun as it looks.


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