The Exorcist Season 3: Is It Coming Back? All Updates!

Updated on 29-01-2022

The Exorcist Season 3 is a treasury horror drama TV series made by Jeremy Slater as a spin-off of the 1973-delivered eponymous film. It frames a piece of the ‘Exorcist‘ organization and appeared on Fox on September 23, 2016. In light of William Peter Blatty’s epic of a similar name, this victor of the Bloody Disgusting Reader’s Choice Awards and iHorror Awards likewise earned a Cine Award in 2016, a big achievement for a title in this classification.


In its debut season, the show had probably the best surveys from critics which proceeded in its subsequent season. Regardless of the basic approval, it would never assemble a devoted crowd base and stayed a low-evaluated show all through its two seasons.

The Storyline of The Exorcist Season 3

the Exorcist Season 3

The tale of ‘The Exorcist follows two ministers, following the instance of a family, who is experiencing stunning devilish belonging. One cleric is Father Tomas Ortega, and the other is Father Marcus Keane. They are both unique, character insightful.

The pair is totally uninformed of how their life is going to change when they experience the Rance family who is an individual from the Thomas area. They seem like an ordinary American family yet are definitely not.

The patriarch named Henry Rance is recovering from an awful physical issue. The senior girl, Katherine has gotten a loner and doesn’t have any desire to emerge from her room. Her more youthful sister, Casey, believes that there is unusual disturbance coming from the inner parts of the divider.

the Exorcist Season 3

The mother, Angela, emphatically accepts that there is something in this house. The evil presence develops further step by step lastly, Angela meets with Father Tomas and looks for help. Father Tomas and Father Marcus both approach to help Angela, and the story are about their battle with the evil powers.

The Exorcist Season 3 Release Date: Cancelled?

the Exorcist Season 3

According to screenrantThe Exorcist Season 2 debuted on Fox on September 29, 2017. It closed with its tenth episode on December 15, 2017. The season 2 finale closes with Marcus being crushed in the wake of having murdered a had Andy so he could save Tomas.

Thus, he chooses to head out in different directions from his understudy and collaborates with Mouse as the new volunteer. Anyhow, the season closes on a gigantic cliffhanger with God requesting that Marcus search out Tomas, who is on his way toward the grave threat.

The Exorcist‘ got less than ideal audits from pundits and was the most minimal rate show on any organization during its first season. Anyhow the show was reestablished for season 2. Presently, in spite of the fact that devoted fans would have needed to realize what occurs after the subsequent season, Fox dropped the show after two seasons.

Indeed, the makers had recently wanted to make a 7-year series yet essentially couldn’t pull in a sufficient crowd. According to Jeremy Slater’s statement on Twitter, “I realize it’s not difficult to blow up at Fox, however, actually, we were the least evaluated drama on any organization they actually brought us back briefly season since they adored the show. There are no trouble makers in this situation.”

The Cast of the Exorcist Season 3

the Exorcist Season 3

The cast of ‘The Exorcist‘ incorporates Alfonso Herrera as Father Tomas Ortega, Ben Daniels as Father Marcus Keane, Hannah Kasulka as Casey Rance, Brianne Howey as Katherine “Kat” Rance, and Kurt Egyiawan as Father Devon Bennett.

Going with them is Alan Ruck as Henry Rance, Geena Davis as Angela Rance/Regan MacNeil, Zuleikha Robinson as Mouse, Li Jun Li as Rose Cooper, Brianna Hildebrand as Verity, John Cho as Andrew “Andy” Kim, and Robert Emmet Lunney as The Salesman/Captain Howdy/Pazuzu.

Furthermore, joining the lead cast in repeating jobs are Mouzam Makkar as Jessica, Kirsten Fitzgerald as Maria Walters, David Hewlett voicing the devil/Pazuzu, Sharon Gless as Chris MacNeil, Camille Guaty as Olivia, Deanna Dunagan as Mother Bernadette, Torrey Hanson as Cardinal Guillot, and Francis Guinan as Simon, the cleric.

Gathering together the cast is Cyrus Arnold as David “Truck” Johnson III, Hunter Dillon as Caleb, Alex Barima as Shelby, Amélie Eve as Grace, Christopher Cousins as Peter Osborne, Alicia Witt as Nicole Kim, Zibby Allen as Cindy, and Beatrice Kitsos as Harper Graham.

The Trailer of the Exorcist Season 3

You can watch the official trailer for ‘The Exorcist Season 2 underneath. You can likewise make a way for Fox on the off chance that you wish to get up to speed with every one of the past episodes from the show.


As I already told you that The Exorcist Season 3 is not going to happen and it is officially canceled by the officials. In case, you haven’t watched the previous two seasons of The Exorcist then you can easily watch them on Amazon Prime. However, some of the fans are still hoping for the release of The Exorcist Season 3, if you are one of them do let us know in the comment section. If you like this article do share it with your friends and lovers of The Exorcist.

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  1. Stan Galler says

    I watched both seasons of the exorcist and found myself going episode after episode wanting to stop after the next one but kept going to the next one until I had to stop. I felt lost after the final one and wanted to see a season three as many things were left to finalize the ending. I hope that decisions will be made to bring back at least a 3rd. season to clear things up and put a proper ending to this series and not leave us wondering.

  2. Pedro says

    Bring season 3 into work.!.!Please.

  3. Pedro says

    Bring season 3 into work.!.!Please. #Exorcist

  4. Yankie says

    Bring it back please. It’s a good series 🙁

  5. Bittu says

    Bring season 3 please…!!

  6. Sergio says

    just finished watching season 2 and both seasons were exceptional. Additional seasons would be great since it definitely has a lot of room to expand on the story line. Perhaps a cable network might take up this project?

  7. Gk says

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  10. Synthia Halliday says

    Please give us Season 3. Its ridiculous that this Season was cancelled. The series was put together well. Why give a lead into Season 3 at the end of Season 2. Spending that much time, effort and money to just give up? I am disgusted that the industry is so fickle. This is just another series that was put in the ‘too hard’ basket; apparently, its okay not to finish what was started. So many good shows let down their fans. If Prime and Netflix are not going to properly end a series, don’t bloody start what you don’t intend to finish. Maybe authors of books will just start creating half a book and leave the ending off completely. Only losers give up. Pathetic

  11. Tanja Sande says

    Please i want to see season 3! And four, and 5 and so on..

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  13. Merrin says
  14. Prutha says

    It’s an incomplete story…the big plot yet to be revealed and dealt with…how can they just end it at season 2 and leave it incomplete…we watched two seasons and wasted time for nothing..we want season 3 and complete the story there if you don’t want to carry forward

  15. Sasha says

    Fox, give it to Netflix! The exorcist was one of the best shows I’ve seen in the supernatural/ horror genre in a long time. Sorry, but people just don’t watch that kind of show in regular time slots on tv anymore! We want to binge it during the fall seasons and rave about it! If I had cable I would have watched it, but A LOT of people don’t have cable. Fox, I hate your “News”, love your shows, give this one to Netflix.

  16. Priyanshu Das says

    Please please being back season 3… please.. I just really can’t wait to see what happens next in season 3 after Father Bennet got connected with the devil… Please bring back the season… And if u don’t I will cry oit loudly, I will scream… 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏… Please

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  19. Munch says

    Definitely one of the best horror series that came out but sadly it was doomed on Fox I hope Netflix,Hulu,HBOMax or someone picks them up because the potential for that show was great!!

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    Loved this show and was so upset to see it was canceled. I wish Netflix or Hulu would pick it up. It was doing so well. If it does come back I will be ready and waiting!

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    I’m super sad so is the rest of my friends and friends! we love the exorcist series it’s heart breaking to find out its been cancelled. I think the biggest problem was not enough ppl knew about the show, I never knew about it I didn’t see no commercials on it or anything. I found it by accident and loved it from the start.


    Definitely awaiting season 3

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