The Era of Witches Will Be Back: Hocus Pocus 2

The Era of Witches Will Be Back: Hocus Pocus 2

In Childhood, we all used to enjoy listening to ghost stories. And when we grew up our love for childhood movies reduced. I still remember one film, Hocus Pocus. What a deadly comedy movie. Also, I have heard that Hocus Pocus 2 is coming. Are you excited? I am. Let us talk more about the film in detail and let me take you back to the era of witches.

Hocus Pocus: About the Film

A 1993 fantasy comedy film directed by Kenny Ortega. The film was written by Neil Cuthbert and Mick Garris. Walt Disney Pictures released the film in the year 1993 on 16th July in the United States. Every Halloween the film has been rediscovered by the audience with home video sales. The running time of the film is 96 minutes.

The film revolves around three witches Bette Midler(Winifred Sanderson), Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah Sanderson), and Kathy Najimy(Mary Sanderson) who were accidentally resurrected by a teenage boy Omri Katz (Max Dennison) on a Halloween night in Salem, Massachusetts.

The film is a hilarious comedy-drama. On 231st 1693, Thackery Binx saw her little sister being carried by the three witches. They were famous as the Sanderson sisters. They took Emily to the cottage to absorb her youth, and in the process, they might kill her. When Thackery tries to stop the witches from doing the same act, they transform her into a cat, as a curse.

The Era of Witches Will Be Back: Hocus Pocus 2

After three centuries, on 31st October 1993, when Max Dennison moved to Los Angeles with his family. Max was a little uneasy about leaving his old home. So on Halloween night, he took his sister Dani on a walk. And there they meet Max’s new crush, Allison. And in order to impress her, he took them to Sanderson’s house. And show them that witches are for real.

Inside the cottage, Max lights the Black Flame Candle. And accidentally resurrects the witches. The witches try to catch Dani, but Max is successful in saving his sister. And Max was successful in stealing Winifred’s spellbook, as told by Thackery. And Winifred raises his long-lost unfaithful lover Billy as a Zombie and asks him to chase them.

Towards the end, Winifred’s is turned into a stone, and Sarah and Mary are converted into a speck of dust. Billy also returns to his grave. And Binx also finally dies freeing his soul. Also, we can see that Winnie’s spellbook is still alive, and there is a possibility that witches could return back.

The Era of Witches Will Be Back: Hocus Pocus 2

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Hocus Pocus 2: Is It Coming? 

And yes you heard it right? Hocus Pocus 2 is coming. The film is in making, and it will come soon on Disney+. Bette Midler, your own Winnie Sanderson, tweeted about the movie. The movie will come sometime in 2022. The sequel of the movie, Hocus Pocus is directed by Anne Fletcher and is written by Jen D’ Angelo. In the main lead, we will be seeing Bette, Sarah, and Kathy.

So wait for the sequel till 2022. But till then you can watch Hocus Pocus on Amazon Prime Video and Disney+.

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  1. For the sequel to Hocus Pocus, I wish there were : Bette Midler: Winifred Sanderson, Sarah Jessica Parker: Sarah Sanderson, Kathy Najimy: Mary Sanderson, Omri Katz: Max Dennison, Thora Birch: Dani Dennison, Vinessa Shaw: Allison, Stephanie Faracy: Jenny Dennison, Larry Bagby: Ernie/Ice, Tobias Jelinek: Jay, Doug Jones: Billy Butcherson; and the music from the movie released in 1993 : “Main Titles” and “I put a spell on you”.

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