The End Of The Vampire Dairies With Season 8! But Why?

One of the most popular CW series has come to an end with its last season 8. Here are the reasons that show why there will be no season 9 Of Vampire Dairies.

the Vampires diaries have ended surprisingly after the eight seasons, but the question is was it got canceled?


About The Series Vampire Dairies

The fiction drama created by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec was based on one of the books written by L.J. Smith with a similar name. It is aired on Sept. 2009 and became the highest-rated series.

This is the reason why the series has put proceeded for several years and Plec confirmed in 2016 that the series will conclude the following year. Even after ending on season 8, its popularity has led to two products one is The originals(with Steffan Salvatore) and the other is legacies.

The Storyline Of  Vampire Dairies

The End Of The Vampire Dairies With Season 8

It emphasizes on the usual transformations of the young to adult phase. The story starts with Elena Gilbert and her friends and their distress controlling their bloodthirst, figuring out how to direct powerful magic, dealing with a werewolf curse, and trying to remain a human in a town filled with supernatural creatures.

The primary concept is the love triangle of Elena, Stefan Salvatore, and his older brother, Damon which ends up with Elena choosing Damon. After the sixth season, the show suffered losses, reduced ratings, and expiring contracts thus ushered the series end up with season 8.

What The Makers Have To Say

Plec told that going into season 8, the future of the series is still unpredictable. though somehow it’s clear that the story would center around the Vampire diaries underworld.

Dobrev’s exit forced the show to concentrate on the strained relationship between Damon and Stefan. The viewership decreased from 1.44 million to 1.04 million from season six to seven.

Plec accepted the logistic and visionary obstacles the series has been facing and in a guest column she said that ” we hadn’t had the plug pulled- we had chosen to say goodbye.”

The goodbye is about the long and bleak one in which they send the Salvatore brothers to harvest souls for the devils and sending Damon into an existential crisis.

Although Tha Vampire Diaries didn’t end as planned and the series ran out of the stream. but gratitude to legacies as Damon, Elena, Bonnie, Caroline, and Matt Donovan live on even if they don’t show up onscreen.

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