The Eddy: Review – The dark musical drama needs to be more interesting.

If you want to see The Eddy (Netflix) with desires for a repetition of its executive producer and lead director Damien Chazelle’s Oscar-winning La La Land. 

You should set them silently apart. Binge-watch something else for your fine musical rom-com needs, and save this eight-part series for your darker moods.


The Eddy: About title

The show ‘The Eddy’ is laid down in Paris. It is set not in the city’s gleaming Center but the stony, doodling margins. The title takes its name from the jazz club. 

It is own and run by jazz pianist Elliot (André Holland) who flies to New York from Europe when his younger son dies. And his friend Farid (Tahar Rahim), whose joy and hope are in total contrast to his introvert and hurt friend.

It’s a world of streetwalkers and settlers, united by their ability to come together and make music. There are glimpses of hope.

When respected managers appear at the back of the audience to cast a gauging eye on the talent but it never amounts to anything more than a word of cheering or pressure for Elliot to get up on stage himself. His club is brawling.

The Eddy: About characters

Elliot adds an obstacle to his business journey by breaking off a relationship Maja, the singer of the best band they host. Farid does his best to put back harmony. 

Meanwhile, everyone else is annoying and out of sync with each other. Moreover, Elliot’s disobedient daughter Julie arrives from New York to have some time with her dad. And, to escape her drug habit and her stepfather.

Farid is the only silent happy character. He is a faithful father and husband having a sexy relationship with his wife. 

But Farid is soon about to be killed by someone. He has borrowed money from criminal groups to save the Eddy from financial decay.

Each episode focuses on a different character and their backgrounds. It involves drug abuse, poverty, and disarray. The Eddy assists them. It is a place where they can be comfortable and can create magic on stage.

The Eddy: About Script and music

All the tunes of the music are original, and the performance and the rehearsal scenes influence.

They are filmed in such an adoring detail that it is clear where the maker’s heart and interest lies. Chazelle directs the first two episodes as well as he sets the tone.

The script is written by Bafta-award winning Jack Thorne. He is not the only one that shines, though it does a dip in and out of multiple languages. 

He gives a great feeling of a strong bond between the people who end up in the Eddy together, even as they fight and clash on the surface.

True jazz fans may find this perfect. However, normal people won’t find it that much good.


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