The Eddy Releasing on Netflix and What we know so far

“The Eddy” is a jazz musician band and the club found by Elliot and Farid played by André Holland and Tahir Rahim set in Paris. Elliot fled for Europe when his son died in New York. The story revolves around poverty and alternation of the characters’ lives.

Elliot, a hurt and withdrawn man who by virtue is a jazz pianist who with his friend Farid tries to save the club from drowning.


Opportunities presented themselves at times when respectable managers were appreciative of the work “The Eddy” did. But it seemed as though Elliot was spinning out.

Farid, a happily married man makes his livelihood meet to their needs although he was involved in some shady things to save the band and the club from shutting down.

Elliot’s daughter Julie flew to Paris to spend some quality time with her father although they are just like strangers to each other it was an opportunity for her to get closer to her dad. She also had to save herself from drug abuse and her stepfather.

Since Farid was involved in questionable things he gets killed by a gang who he had borrowed the money from. Eddy along with his bandmates always goes to a quieter place where they cheer up each other and get on stage, more like a tradition.

The story of every character is showcased on each episode digging into their background. Many characters play jazz long numbers with a more loving and soulful feeling. The slow, blues, and ragtime are very well shown in a very beautiful score.

The story written by Jack Thorne, an award-winning screenwriter hasn’t very shunned on this one. But it sure does focus on agony, poverty, Jazz, the gangster plot, and death.

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