The Democratic Governor Declares the Covid-19 Emergency ‘over,’ Claiming That It Is ‘their Own Darn Fault’ if Unvaccinated People Become Ill

Dem Governor Declares Covid-19 Emergency ‘over,’ Says It’s ‘their Own Darn Fault’ if Unvaccinated Get Sick

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, a Democrat, said in a recent interview that the COVID-19 emergency is “finished” and that he won’t be enacting another statewide mask order due to the spread of the omicron strain.

“Everyone had enough chance to be vaccinated,” Polis said Friday. “Hopefully it was at your pharmacy, grocery shop, bus stop, or major events.” “At this point, not being vaccinated is your own damn responsibility.”


“Those who become ill are virtually completely to blame,” he said. “I won’t claim no one gets the virus if vaccinated, but it’s unlikely.” To put that in context, just roughly 200 (or 16%) of the 1,400 hospitalized are vaccinated. And many of them are elderly or sick. Eighty-four percent of our hospital patients are unvaccinated, despite having ample opportunity to do so.”

“It’s almost as if they choose not to be vaccinated,” he continued. “I still urge everyone who hasn’t been vaccinated to do so. Those who are, receive a booster in six months. I believe it is much more so with this omicron variety.”

Polis said he backed local governments enacting their own requirements, but the state should remain out.

“The emergency is over.” Public health authorities cannot advise individuals what to dress; it is not their business. Officials advise constantly wearing a mask to prevent flu and other airborne infections. But you don’t need it; you don’t tell them what to dress. You don’t compel someone to wear a jacket in the weather. They’re to blame if they suffer frostbite.

“You may choose not to get vaccinated. That’s OK. That’s your responsibility if you’re sick with COVID,” he said.

Polis bemoaned an “alternative disinformation environment” that keeps people from being immunized.

“Some folks think you and I are part of a vast conspiracy, Ryan,” he told Ryan Warner on “Colorado Matters.” The vaccination produces serious adverse effects, and some of them feel there is no COVID. “They’re in their own bubble, which is difficult to enter.”

For example, a “vax or mask” requirement mandates enterprises to either supply masks or evidence of vaccination.